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It is important to keep in mind that the CBT training is not an exam, so you do not have to feel apprehensive when you think about it. It is actually designed to assist you in relaxing and enjoying it so that you can learn easier – even if it is against your will. You do not have to feel pressured at all. You will not have to move forward to any stage until you feel comfortable and ready too.

Theory & Practical Test About Motorcycles

Your instructor will work with you to make certain that you can safely handle your bike competently, and then you will receive your DL196 Certificate or CBT Certificate. After that, you can begin training in one of the four available categories for a complete motorcycle license.

To earn a license in an available category, you will need to get a provisional motorcycle and moped license. You will then need to take the Theory & Practical Test routinely with around one to four training days in between. You will be able to appreciate that the theory test is a multiple choice test that you can take at your closest DSA test centre.

If you are wondering the cost of everything, it will depend on the amount of training that you will require. Some people need more than others. In most cases, the costs range from £200 a day to £750 if you would like four days of training.

There is the Accelerated Access and four different motorcycle license categories.

1. The Moped License. You should be at least 17 or older to get your moped license. This type of vehicle is a bike that has an engine capacity of no larger than 50cc. The moped has a maximum speed of around 31 miles per hour. You will need to pass the theory exam before starting your training. Then you can take your practical test located at a DSA test centre. After that, you can use a moped without L-plates and carry a passenger.

2.(A1) Light Motorcycle License. You will need to be 17 or older to get your A1 license along with having your CBT. You will also have to take a theory test and have a provisional license if you do not already have a moped license. After your training is finished, you will be ready to take a practical test. You will need to take it on a machine that offers an engine capacity of 75cc to 125cc. After you have passed the test, you can ride your bike of 11kw or 125cc capacity with a passenger.

3. (A2 Restricted) Standard Motorcycle License. If you are interested in riding something bigger, you will need to get a standard motorcycle license. A restricted license is required for anyone aged 17 to 21. Again, you should have your CBT and a provisional motorcycle license if you haven’t passed your moped test. You will also need to pass the theory test. After that, you can take the training you require to pass the practical test. You should have a bike around 125 capacity or no less than 120cc. The bike should be capable of at least 100kph. After you have passed this, you will be able to use your bike without L-plates and will be able to carry a passenger. For two years, you will be restricted to a 25kw or 33bhp machine or a machine that has a maximum of 0.16W/kg power-to-weight ratio. After two years, you can ride anything without needing any more additional tests or training.

4.Accelerated Access. If your 21st birthday falls within the restricted period, you will be able to choose the Accelerated Access process. This means that you can take a practical test on any machine that has a 35kW or 47bhp power output. If you pass, you will receive a full license without needed to wait for your two restricted years to be fulfilled.

5. Unrestricted Category A – Direct Access. If you are already 21 or older and have your theory test and CBT, you can go ahead and take the practical test with a 47bhp output machine. You can practice for your test on a bike this size as long as you are accompanied by Direct Access instructor wearing fluorescent clothing. After you have passed the test, you will be able to ride any machine with a passenger without needing L-plates.

It is important to remember in closing, you have two years to pass your theory & practical test after passing your CBT. If you do not do it in that time frame, you will need to take your CBT again.

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