You might have heard this fact countless times; you even might have recommended it to your colleagues. Yes, we’re talking about why you should invest in vehicle wraps for advertising purposes.

The truth is, there are a variety of reasons that vehicle wraps are a valuable investment, including:

Vehicle Wraps are Mobile Advertising

When you apply vehicle wraps, you bring your advertisement with you as you deliver your products and services – something you cannot achieve with billboards and other offline ad formats.

Who knows which area your advertisement might reach next?

Low Cost per Thousand Impressions

Vehicle wraps let you reach 1,000 people at the cost of only about 21 cents. This is a super low cost compared to other advertising formats.

For example, you’ll need to spend more than $15 per customer to reach the same 1,000 people on television, $8.34 on radio and $16.42 on newspapers.

These figures may vary depending on which state you are in, but the key takeaway is that the cost is a lot lower for vehicle wraps to reach the same amount of potential clients.

It’s Free Real Estate

Once the vehicle is on your property, it’s yours to decide what you want to do with it. You no longer need to purchase additional ad slots for your business.

Print any ads you want, whenever you want. At this point, you only need to fork out some cash for the vehicle wrap itself, which costs much less than booking an ad slot!

96 Percent of Drivers Notice a Printed Ad on a Truck

While we don’t pay much attention to most billboards as we drive, we usually notice the vehicles driving alongside us. The figure above reflects this fact.

In comparison, 82 percent of online ads and 36 percent of radio ads are ignored. Since vehicle wraps are still not as widespread as other ad formats, any vehicle wraps are bound to attract attention.

Vehicle Wraps Provide a 97 Percent Ad Recall Rate

Ad recall rates are important advertising metrics to most clients. Vehicle wraps provide an ad recall rate that potentially surpasses all other ad formats.

The figure that we’re discussing here is a whopping 97 percent! To make vehicle wraps sound even more promising, here’s your next fact…

30 Percent of Mobile Viewers Purchase After Seeing Outdoor Ads

After seeing your mobile ads on the street, there’s a 30 percent conversion rate for your vehicle wrap ads.

Chances are if they see your ads on vehicles, potential customers are much more likely to become a converting customer compared to online ad viewers and other ad formats.

Vehicle Wraps Boost Other Advertising Efforts

Most businesses will first resort to newspaper ads, radio ads, television ads or even online ads before they try other formats.

Vehicle wraps are a great way to reach your customers when they are not using any of the above media, thus becoming a new ad platform for you.

High Return of Investment (ROI) Case Studies

While the results could differ greatly depending on the nature of your business and the industry you’re in, vehicle wraps have provided a promising ROI for many customers.

In fact, one vendor reported an increase in sales from $42.000 to $219,000 after 10 months thanks to his truck wrapping efforts.

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