Pedestrian auto accidents are all too common. This is the name given to accidents where a pedestrian gets hit by a vehicle. In 2019, 6205 pedestrians tragically lost their lives in accidents like these, and many more were injured.

Yet what are the most common causes of these accidents? Is the driver always responsible?

In this guide, we’re going to take a look at the common causes of pedestrian accidents so that you can avoid them. Are you ready to learn more? Then read on!

1. Alcohol Intoxication

Drunk drivers pose a serious risk to all pedestrians due to the lack of concentration and other issues that it causes. However, drunk pedestrians can also put themselves at risk.

Drunk pedestrians may fall into the road or not take adequate safety measures, such as looking both ways while crossing the road. They may also take more risks and misunderestimate vehicle speed, and so on.

2. Dark Clothing

If you cross the road at night while wearing all-black or other dark colors, it can be very hard for a driver to see you until it’s too late. While this doesn’t remove all responsibility from the driver, the driver may be able to argue that there was no way for them to see the pedestrian.

If this is the case, then the pedestrian may not receive as much compensation as they otherwise would.

3. Distracted Driving

If you take a look at accident news, you’ll notice that distracted driving is often given as an accident cause. Drivers who use their phones while they drive or are tinkering with the radio are not able to concentrate on their driving properly. If someone crosses the road in front of them, they may not notice until they’re right on top of them, if at all.

Accidents that are caused by distracted driving are usually classed as entirely the driver’s fault.

4. Poor Weather Conditions

Sometimes both the pedestrian and the driver can do everything right and still end up in an accident due to adverse weather conditions. Heavy rain, sleet, snow, and fog can all severely impede visibility.

This impacts both the driver and the pedestrian. The pedestrian may cross and not know a vehicle is coming, while the driver may not be able to see the pedestrian, even with foglights.

Rain can also increase the braking distance for the driver.

5. Jaywalking

Jaywalking is the act of crossing a road without obeying traffic rules or without using a designated crossing. If the pedestrian jaywalks, they’re putting themselves at risks, which can make a lawsuit quite difficult.

Jaywalking rules vary by state and city, so it’s worth looking them up to refresh your memory.

Pedestrian Auto Accidents Happen Every Day

Pedestrian auto accidents are very common: if you want to avoid them, you need to be both a conscientious driver and a conscientious pedestrian. Follow the tips that we’ve laid out and you’re much more likely to stay safe.

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