Parking your car in a home garage may seem like a thing of the past. Many people now use their garage parking to store old junk, convert it into a gym, or use it as a workshop for hobbies and crafts.

Here are the benefits of keeping your car in your home garage parking and why you should move all the other items to your attic instead.

Let’s drive into it!

Home Garage Provides Safety from Elements

Even though this is the most apparent reason, you should never forget that weather elements like snow, rain, and wind are enemies to your car’s exterior.

These can also leave acid and dirt on your vehicle, causing significant damages to the surface. You may also struggle with a weak top clear coat and rust if you are not careful about parking your car.

Protection from Dents and Scratches

Falling tree branches and hail can unexpectedly damage your car leading to expensive repair bills. You may also risk getting hit by a neighbor or someone else on the street who is not careful about driving or forgets to check their mirrors before pulling in reverse.

Cars without garage parking are always prone to scratches, dents, and broken windows because of someone else’s careless mistakes or a tall tree nearby.

Imagine waking up for work one morning and seeing that your windshield has been shattered because of a rogue branch you did not expect. Then you would need to rely on public transport or another vehicle until you can fix the damages.

Sun and Extreme Temperatures

UV rays from the sun can be significantly harmful to a car’s exterior, and this is something many car owners do not realize. Even extreme hot and cold temperatures can deteriorate your interior and exterior.

You may use a giant car cover sheet to prevent the sun from overheating and staining your upholstery, but this cannot protect against extreme temperatures.

Therefore, you should always consider finding indoor parking instead if you want to maintain your car’s quality long term. Then you can avoid a dewy windshield during winter, and the engine will stay lubricated to run more efficiently if your car is kept warm.

Prevent Theft and Vandalism

When you invest a lot of money getting the perfect family car for your loved ones, the last thing you want to deal with is a break-in or vandalism. Each time you are parking car outside, you are also risking someone with spray paint or sharp objects scratching the exterior if they have a grudge against you or have nothing better to do.

Someone may also break through your car windows to steal your belongings or use their hotwiring skills to nab a free vehicle at your expense. Having indoor garage parking lessens these risks, and you can benefit from lower insurance costs.

Some companies offer lower policies for people who store their cars in a safe indoor space. If you do not have a home garage, you can also consider renting a garage parking elsewhere. These are the most important questions to ask before you go storing your car at someone else’s facilities.

Protect Your Car!

A home garage will help keep your car safe and sound, so you never have to worry about poor weather, extreme heat or cold, theft, or vandalism. You can also benefit from having a fixed space to park each day instead of leaving your car out in the driveway or circling the block a few times for street parking.

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