When looking for motorcycle riding gear online or UTV riding gear and accessories, you are likely to come across a particular phrase, especially when reviewing helmets, and that phrase is Pinlock system or visor. This system is designed to provide visibility all year round without worry or concern, and it should be something every rider, even those just starting out, considers, especially if you plan on riding year-round.

Why Use a Pinlock System?

The Pinlock system works with at least ten brands of motorcycle helmets online, and there is a reason for this universality. It is no secret that riding a motorcycle is a risky endeavor. Even the most skilled riders can fall victim to other motorists on the road. Therefore, to protect yourself from harm as much as possible while riding, it is essential to maintain clear sightlines. Unfortunately, during certain times of the year, when the conditions and temperatures outside do not match the inside of your helmet, you will notice a fog creeping over your mask. This fog first eliminates your peripheral view and then encroaches on your front view. The only way to combat this unwelcome invader, typically, is to lift your visor and face the elements. However, the Pinlock system has another method, one that reduces the risk of fog and protects you from dry eyes and cold weather.

How Does the System Work?

The Pinlock system works by creating an effect similar to a double-glazed or paned window. The Pinlock visor attaches to your helmet’s visor trapping air in between the two, which acts as an insulator. That pocket of air also allows for a temperature transition from the outside to the inside of your helmet, which reduces the likelihood of fog. Additionally, three Pinlock visor levels – 30, 70 and 120 – each treated with a hydrophilic anti-fog solution for optimum protection. Beyond the fog protection, there are three attachment designs for these visors.

  1. Tear off pin – These are designed for track riders using insert lenses and tear-off strips. The design allows for quick changing if damaged.
  2. Push pin – This is the most readily available design. It uses a series of push pins and connectors to secure the visor to the existing shield.
  3. Three-component pin – While the pushpin system is excellent for most riders, those wishing for a more secure connection can opt for the three-component pin. This variation uses the addition of a screw system for extra security and grip.

Are There Tint or Color Options Available?

Many riders enjoy a visor that serves double-duty as a not only a face shield but also a sun protector. For that reason, the Pinlock manufacturer also produces several shades of visors. From light smoke to dark smoke or yellow, you have a wide selection of visors to choose from. Also, for those interested, you can also purchase a transitional lens, the ProtecTint, which automatically changes depending on the level of brightness.

If you are ready to combat the persistent nightmare of visor fog, then look into the Pinlock system when checking out motorcycle riding gear online. Don’t wait until your visor fogs in the middle of a ride, protect yourself and take precautions.

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