Approximately 18 million car sales occur each month in this country. Every time someone buys a car, the buyers and sellers must complete title work.

Title work is completed to transfer the title of a vehicle from the seller to the buyer. There are times when buyers must complete an extra step in this process, though, which requires a VIN verification. driverless cars buying guide

In certain situations, you might need to get a VIN verification. Here is a guide to help you know why you might need this and how to get one.

The Most Common Reason You Need a VIN Verification

The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is the organization that records vehicle titles and ownership records, and they require VIN checks in some situations.

The main reason you will need a VIN verification is if you buy a car from a different state. Because the car’s registration is in a different state, your state might require verification to complete the title transfer.

What This Process Entails

A VIN verification is a simple process that takes only a minute or two. When you get this completed, someone checks a few things.

The first thing they check is the VIN number on the vehicle. You can usually find a car’s VIN on the front lower part of the windshield, or door. When they check the number, they will verify that it matches the VIN on the car’s title.

Next, they will check to see if the description of the car matches the description on the title. That’s the entire process.

Where You Can Go to Get One

If you need to get a VIN inspection, you can usually get one at several different places. First, you can check with your local DMV to see if they offer them. Most do, but there are some that do not perform car inspections.

Another option is to visit your local police department. Many police precincts also offer these inspection services.

If neither place offers these inspections in your area, ask your local DMV where you can go to the inspection.

States Require VIN Inspections to Prevent Fraud

Finally, you might wonder why states require VIN inspections. The main reason is to prevent fraud.

If you’re forced to verify that the VIN on the car matches the title, you’ll have trouble if you’re trying to do something fraudulent.

If you are a victim of fraud, this verification will help you find out about it. You can also perform a VIN inspection yourself by matching the car’s VIN to the one on the title.

You’ll still need to get the verification completed before you can transfer the title to your name, but this is a good step to help you avoid buying a fraudulent vehicle.

A VIN Verification Is Fast and Simple

If you just purchased a car from a different state, your state might require a VIN verification. If they do, you’ll know why and how to get one.

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