Flower arrangements or what are often called hand bouquets are very popular with many people. A hand bouquet can symbolize our feelings. Hand bouquets can also perfect every special moment in our lives, such as birthdays, graduations, to weddings. The types of flowers that can be arranged into a hand bouquet are also diverse. For example, honey popcorn, a favorite flower bouquet containing 12 orange roses, and combined with baby breath.

History of Hand Bouquet

According to history, hand bouquets or bouquets of flowers adopted from western culture were previously used to ward off evil spirits with a spice composition consisting of garlic and other spices. Then the use of spices was replaced when the Romans and Greeks chose to embed flowers in the bride’s hair symbolizing life and fertility.

Step back to the Victorian era which is often used as an inspiration by designers, as evidence of the golden age of the British Empire under his leadership. At that time there was also a change in the hand bouquet that occurred when the Queen of England married Prince Albert who used a hand bouquet of fresh flowers which at that time had never been done.

From the Victorian era until now, hand bouquets have undergone many changes, both from the shape to the flowers used. From that time until now, several types of flower forms were found that were popular at that time. teleconsultation app philippines

The Magic Uses of Hand Bouquet

The use of flower arrangements has been around for thousands of years. If you think giving your boyfriend flowers is the old-fashioned way, you’re right. At least this culture has existed since 4000 years ago.

There is a lot of evidence that shows that ancient civilizations such as Egypt, Greece, and China were very fond of flower arrangement activities. Not only for decorative purposes but several types of flowers are also used as offerings for religious needs. People from different backgrounds carry on this culture to the present day, and many flower meanings come from past cultures.

We give a bouquet of flowers to someone because we have something to say to him. Not only is it a sign that we are thinking of that person, but certain types of flowers also have special meanings. In fact, many books are made with the theme of “language of flowers”. This happens because people are not allowed to express their feelings directly, especially to lovers. So many people use “flower dictionaries” to make a bouquet of flowers according to the message they want to convey. The language of this flower is called “floriography”, which is still used today.

Several studies have been conducted to find out the reasons why humans love flowers so much, and many of them lead to one conclusion: flowers make us feel happy.

The Importance of Wedding Hand Bouquet

In a wedding reception, it is not only the wedding dress that is important, but also many other details, including the wedding flower bouquet. The bridal flower arrangement is important because this is the detail that gets attention when the bride enters the aisle. The bouquet of flowers is also important because there is history, meaning, and tradition that accompanies it.

In the past, the color of the bridal bouquet tends to describe the feelings of the bride and groom. The more intense the color of the flower bouquet means the more excited the bride is. Now, the color of a flower bouquet is no longer a metaphor. The color of the bouquet is more tailored to the theme of the wedding, the color of the dress, and the color of the wedding decorations.

At the wedding reception, the bouquet of flowers not only belongs to the bride but also belongs to one lucky single woman. After the wedding reception, usually, the bride will throw flowers at the guests who are crowding behind her. Lucky people who get it are believed to soon meet their soul mate.

Flower arrangements at weddings are not only on the hand bouquet held by the bride and groom. There is also a corsage. The use of this corsage certainly adds to the aesthetics of a wedding.

Types of Hand Bouquet

First, there is the cascade bouquet. This type of hand bouquet has been popular for a long time, even Lady Diana married this type of hand bouquet. Its rounded shape at the top and pointed at the bottom is suitable for various wedding concepts, both indoor and outdoor. All types of flowers are suitable for hand bouquets, also known as shower bouquets. But remember that not all types of hand bouquets are suitable for all bridal outfits, you must also discuss with the florist or designer before determining the shape of your hand bouquet.

Second, pomander bouquet. An elegant impression is one of the characteristics of a tote hand bouquet which is not only suitable for the bride, the bridesmaids can also be compact using this type of hand bouquet. Not many types of flowers are appropriate for this hand bouquet considering its round shape. Most often used roses that have parallel petals and are the same size. Third, round bouquet. From the name, it is clear that this hand bouquet is round in shape which is suitable for all traditional to international concepts, as well as formal or casual atmosphere depending on the type of flower. Roses are more suitable for a formal atmosphere, while baby breath is better for a casual atmosphere in the garden or by the beach.

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