When we are in general discussing about the Mazda brand, there is a thread that we all feel that connects everything that is related to the brand name. If we look for people who doesn’t have an appreciating eye for the Mazda brand, we need to really take up a hard work, as Mazda is a brand that is loved by people across the oceans. But what is it that makes the brand so special? When we asked this question to an experienced staff of the Monterey Peninsula Mazda, he was proud to utter only one phrase, and that was the “Mazda Spirit”.

Being a strong supporter of this brand, the phrase wasn’t new to my ears, but I wanted to delve deeper, to know what exactly that stands for. And what I collected from several authentic sources, is what I share with you here.

The Visionary Thought

As revealed by many Mazda family members, as an automotive brand, Mazda has always shown its interest and keenness in making people fulfil their lives through better modes of transport that Mazda wishes to make. But that is not all.

Mazda as a current leading automotive manufacturer needs to show way to other brands how the existing setup of the automotive manufacturing can be molded into the paths of sustainably for both the earth and the human society. Hence, they are constantly in pursuit of creative ideas and in successful execution of them.

Celebrating the Act of Driving

The brand essence of Mazda is expressed through their favorite slogan saying, “Celebrate Driving”. And be rest assured, this is not all about the single aspect like driving performance. It is appraising each Mazda owner with a sense of pride and a level of confidence. Driving any Mazda should make every mind ready to accept every hard challenge the road throws at them.

 The Concept of “One Mazda”

To make any concept work, it needs an integrated Teamwork. In Mazda, we have seen people dedicate their spirits and immerse in the ideology that builds up a strong bond among the team members of Mazda, who call themselves as the Mazda Family. They believe in ideas of unity and that they have termed as “One Mazda”.

This “One Mazda” can be better described as a culture that reflects the unique integrated structure of the company with the help of which they execute every operation.

At every wing of Mazda, this same culture is followed by the designers, the engineers, the mechanics and other workers where all of them are appreciated for coming up with new ideas that make better cars.

Imagination Inspiring Craftmanship

At the Mazda Monterey, we learnt very deeply that Car manufacturing is much more than mere making of machines that can transport people. It is more about creating something that will have a life of its own and move with a soul. This can be achieved only when the creative flight gets a chance to meet the right level of craftsmanship, when imagination can show way to engineering. At Mazda, the Takumi craftsmen show how passion and skills can revolutionize the concept of cars.

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