The 2023 Suburban is ideal for any type of family commuting. It is spacious and has a powerful engine to haul ample items along with passengers. Most people looking for a family car frequently choose to buy this vehicle. Reaching Sugar Grove Chevrolet GMC dealer will help in knowing whether this is your preference!

Suburban is spacious

The large cabin of the Suburban is what makes it ideal for being a family vehicle. When compared with other generation models, the 2023 version offers more space for items and passengers as the body is bigger in dimension. Its second and third row offers people to enjoy enough leg space that makes every journey a comfortable one.

The cargo space of this vehicle is increased by 23 cubic feet in this generation trims and its low and flat floor helps in easy loading of items. This is due to the introduction of rear-independent suspension.

In addition, this huge cabin is equipped with features such as a humongous head-up display, a digital 12.3-inch gauge cluster, smartphone integration (Android Auto & Apple CarPlay), Wi-Fi hotspots, stereo, and more.

Such a spacious cabin loaded with features is what makes this an ideal family commuting vehicle. Every family vehicle should be able to accommodate ample people as well as cargo if needed. This generation Suburban can hold 8 people; however, stowing all seats will give an individual 145 cubic feet of space for hauling cargo.

Power to haul passengers and items

A V8 engine is used for hauling people or cargo easily due to its massive horsepower and torque. The lower potent V8 5.3L offers 355 horses while the 6.2L option delivers 420 ponies. Apart from these, there is another diesel powertrain also available; it generates 277 hp but has a torque of 460 lb-ft. All the engine options are hooked with an automatic 10-speed transmission along with AWD or RWD system.

Other things included in the powertrain are adaptive dampers and air suspension, which are responsible for adjusting ride height automatically or manually. What this does is improves aerodynamics, passenger accessibility, and better ground clearance.

Suburban’s huge cabin allows it to be an ideal family automobile but its powertrains allow drivers to have excitement when driving it. For a better sporty vibe, you can simply opt for its RST model that comes with 22-inch wheels, the exterior portion is completely black, and more. To know more about it, visit Sugar Grove Chevrolet GMC dealership.

Suburban’s price

The 2023 version of Suburban starts from $59,095 and LT costs $64,595. Its mid-range models consist of RST and Z71 which are priced at $67,195 and $69,195. Its two top-tier trims are Premier and High Country, which Chevy priced at $72,445 and $79,745.

You can get either of the trims as all will offer you perks that hardly any car in this category can provide. With such a spacious cabin and powerful engine, there is no doubt that the 2023 Chevrolet Suburban is an ideal family car. All you need is to test drive it to ensure that it is the car for your family!

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