Most people today speak little if any Latin, but there is one phrase that is indelibly etched into the public’s vocabulary – “caveat emptor.” Translated, it means, “buyer beware.” And it’s excellent advice no matter what type of purchase is being made.

According to most legal dictionaries, the phrase literally means the item is being sold “as is,” and is subject to any and all defects that may exist. It urges the buyer to exercise caution when making the purchase, to inspect the item and weigh any defects found against the item’s price and overall value. This is certainly true when purchasing any used vehicle – and is extremely important when considering a purchase of a used conversion van, especially from a private party.

Cost of New Versus Used

One of the biggest reasons that people purchase a used conversion van is cost. After all, a van with mileage will certainly cost less than one that is brand new. But the initial cost is only one factor, and generally the used van will be out of warranty, and it may have mechanical issues that do not show up right away.

When purchasing a new vehicle from a conversion van company, there are often manufacturer incentives that can help reduce the purchase price. This can be in the way of low interest rates, MSRP discounts and other monetary enticements. But used vans often come with higher maintenance and repair costs, along with higher insurance premiums. They can end up spending a lot more time in the shop, and a lot less time on the road.

The other thing to remember is that a used conversion van was converted to meet someone else’s mobility requirements, not your own. That means it might lack key features that you need

You can buy pre owned van conversion for every need which arises with time, you can check for, they are best in wheelchair and convertible kit in your vehicle. 

Safety is the Number One Concern

When purchasing a used conversion van, you have to remember that the van has undergone extensive renovation and structural changes. That’s way you want to be sure that the vehicle you’re buying is not only able to meet your unique needs, but is a safe vehicle to drive as well.

Instead of a used vehicle from a private party or used car lot, you may want to consider a pre-owned van from a conversion van company. FR Conversions is one such company that understands buyers want peace-of-mind and a good price when purchasing a pre-owned conversion van. So they perform an extensive multi-point inspection to ensure the van you’re buying is safe and sound. That includes all mechanical systems, brakes and drivetrain, exhaust system, engine, Q-Straint system, basically everything from the roof to the floor.

Here’s something else to consider: FR Conversions provides new conversions on a pre-owned vehicle that meet your individual needs. This could be more seating, room for an additional wheelchair or stretcher or upfit your van for commercial contractor use or for just about any other passenger or commercial need. The selection of pre-owned vehicles includes any Dodge Grand Caravan, Chrysler Town & Country, Chrysler Pacifica, Toyota Sienna, Ford Transit or RAM ProMaster. And a 3-year/36K-mile warranty is included for added peace of mind.

The Possibilities are Endless

Whatever you have in mind, there’s a new or pre-owned conversion van available that can be configured to meet your specific needs.  With the equipment and options that are available to you, just about any need can be met.

If you purchase from a reputable van conversion manufacturer who has a track record of dependability, you will be able to enjoy your preowned van for years to come.

By Tom Clark

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