Paintless Dent Removal which is often referred in short as PDR, is a procedure of repairing the most common dents on a car body. Therefore it involves a bodywork of the vehicles which is done by reshaping the panel. Paintless dent repair or dent removal means one does not need to fill or paint on the dent and still can recover the damage.

At the time of PDR, the tools that are used to press the vehicle body and massage on the damaged panel from the behind need to be of specialized kind. With the help of these tools, the dented metal part is pushed out, in order to restore the original shape of the body part. So, to be specific the PDR repairs the car bodywork, while maintaining the paintwork finish of its original manufacturer, explained the technician who supervises the Hayden paint less dent removal orders.

Increasing Popularity of PDR

PDR is now becoming more and more a popular alternative to the old and conventional dent repair methods. The reasons are simple. It is cheaper and much quicker a process than the conventional ones. Since PDR does not require painting and the process of curing, it is usually done within a few hours. One can easily say that since the time PDR has been introduced to the industry of auto body repair, it has been a boon for both the owners and the mechanics to work upon the most common damage, which is body dent.

Why is it Recommended Often by the Experts?

If your car body has suffered the damage of multiple dents, you might be wondering which method will be the best to repair them. If you ask an expert, they will first investigate the nature of those dents and most probably suggest you to go for a paintless dent repair. And the reasons will be the following:

It is Most Cost-Effective Method of All

PDR is way cheaper, than other conventional dent repair services that involves cuing and painting of the car body surface. It is cheaper because the entire process does not involve the cost of paint and its labor charge. So, what you pay is only the service charge of pulling up the dents and bringing back your car body to its original shape.

There is No Fear of Discoloration

With Paintless Dent Repair, one need not have to worry about the perfect matching with the original paint color. Since paintless dent repair does not involve any paint job, there will be no scope for any color mismatch and discoloration.

Car body damages caused by the dents can take a toll on your car’s resale value, if not treated properly in this, while a conventional dent repair can affect the repair history, a PDR is considered a mild repair and will not be counted seriously, when you try to trade in your car for a new one, or want to sell it off altogether, suggested the departmental in-charge of the Hayden PDR unit. 

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