Is there any reason to wait to sell your scrap car when you can collect cash for the car today? Cash for Your Cars buys scrap cars. Why? Because we recycle scrap cars for their metals.

We are a scrap car buyer in Melbourne that appreciates the good gesture of our customers that don’t choose an unhealthy option to dispose of their cars. We pay them cash to recycle cars. With our eco-friendly services, you won’t see a majority of the car being thrown into a landfill where it will create hazards to the environment for years to come. By recycling cars responsibly, the imprint on the environment is cut down substantially.

Scrap metal prices are fair, and with Cash For Your Cars, you don’t have to go to any work like you would with a car recycling facility for us to recycle your car. We do all the prepping of the car to ready it for recycling. Our recyclers are near the best in the business, if not the best, and do not waste any of the cars. We drain the fluids, remove the tyres, and prep the car to be recycled.

We are also a removal company that does not charge our local customers to remove their cars. We come to them to remove the cars as a courtesy as we know that without our services, you’d likely pay a couple of hundred dollars to have your car towed. There is not a fee for our recycling services. We provide them at no cost to our customers.

So, why wait to get your scrap car sold when you can do it so easily at Cash For Your Cars? We make instant cash quotes over the phone and online. You contact one of our appraisers with the make, model, year, and a complete description of your car and we’ll make you an offer. Our offers don’t take long to obtain and are provided with no obligation to accept the quote. If you take us up on our offer, the process is one that is quick.

We will schedule a free car removal in Melbourne at a time that works with your schedule. Our technician will arrive with the cash and paperwork to buy your car. Once the exchange of the paperwork and cash are made, we load and remove your car.

Get a quote by calling us at 0410726726 or 0449222425.

By Salina Gomez

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