Getting inside a Mercedes Benz car that would not start can become an irritating feeling for a vehicle owner. It is often a problem that often involves paying expensive fees for repair. While a professional mechanic can get the job done, there are still ways you can troubleshoot and apply maintenance to prevent the issue from happening. Here are essential steps to help you diagnose your Mercedes vehicle and determine why it won’t start.

Check Battery and Charge

Checking the battery and charge of your Mercedes is the first step you can make when your vehicle does not start up. Most problems come from the issue of old and worn batteries. Depending on your usage, batteries for Mercedes vehicles last for about six to seven years. After that, you need to look for a reputable provider that sells Mercedes parts. There are also situations where your vehicle’s battery has a low charge. In resolving the problem, you just need to charge your battery using 12-volt power.

Fuses and Relays

If your battery is working fine, then consider examining fuses and relays. These are also electrical problems that can come from parts not working effectively. These Mercedes parts include starter circuit, ignition, fuel pump, and EIS. You can check the problem by using a digital multimeter. If you see that the fuse is blown, you can always request the assistance of a professional to replace the specific component.

Crankshaft Position

You can also inspect your Mercedes Benz crankshaft position sensor. There are specific signs that influence the problem, including intermittent starting, check engine light, and misfiring. If you have such issue, you can easily get Mercedes parts without spending too much. You can also consult with a mechanic on how to install the item.

Fuel System

Your Mercedes Benz cannot start due to problems in the fuel system. The basic thing is to determine whether you have sufficient fuel. If yes, then you can check your fuel filter for evidence of clogging. Replacing a new one can help improve the situation. Other issues you need to look closely are fuel and pump relay systems. These are more complex problems which require the assistance of a mechanic that specializes in Mercedes vehicles.

Starter Motor and Spark Plug

Finally, you can inspect the starter motor and spark plug. These are both parts that can become subject to wear and tear. For instance, a problem in starter motor occurs when the starter fuse blows. A spark plug problem, on the other hand, happens when your Mercedes vehicle cranks but cannot fully start. You can use spark test tools to determine whether your spark plug needs replacement.

The Bottom Line

Overall, these are some ways to determine why your Mercedes Benz does not start. Each one can influence the issue. As car owners, you need to become familiar with these issues so you will know how different parts work and improve your ability to troubleshoot the situation. Of course, it is still best to consult with an expert mechanic. However, a strong knowledge of these issues has the potential to reduce address the issue beforehand and mitigate additional costs.
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By Anna