Renewing your Health or Life insurance policy is essential enough and when you have the burden of your car insurance renewal, skimming through the necessary pointers does seem like an unwanted task. Even though this may strike a chord with a lot of policyholders, however, similar to your health insurance policy, your car insurance also has a lot of modifications at the time of renewal.

While the renewal process is simple, here’s our checklist to help you make sure that you don’t lose out from an automatic renewal.

1) Evaluate the coverage needs

You need to consider whether you require a comprehensive car insurance policy or a standalone. Policy renewal time is an ideal occasion to make any required updates to your insurance coverage. If you’ve recently bought a house, got married, or enrolled for a new course, you might want to save on your premiums. It’s important to adjust your car insurance coverage amounts to rightly protect the additional members you’re adding to your existing policy (newly licensed teenager or your spouse).

2) Add-ons

When it’s time for your car insurance renewal, there are quite a lot of additional benefits that are available with standard car insurance policies and a few of them are very helpful. If the monsoons are nearing soon after your insurance renewal date, investing in an engine protector would be a smart choice. Always invest in add-ons that you require. It will save your money and any unwanted headache.

3) Time Limit

Normally, car insurance policies auto-renew at the end of the 12- month term. This means, a few weeks prior that your policy is due to end, you’re likely to receive a letter or an email reminding you that your policy is due for renewal. Moreover, if you do not renew your policy within 3 months after the due date, the accumulated NCB will be lost, and the policy holder may have to pay a higher premium.

4) Portability

Similar to your cell phone number, you can port your car insurance policy from one insurance provider to another with similar or better benefits and scope of coverage. So, you can compare different quotes before your car insurance renewal is due, and then consider if you want to switch the insurer and port your insurance policy having all benefits continued.

5) Renewal Quote

There’s a high possibility of your renewal quote to vary due to variable quotations based on:

– Additional features and benefits

– IDV (Insured Declared Value): At the time of purchase or renewal, the premium is calculated based on the depreciated value of the vehicle.

– Deductibles: Mandatory or voluntary deductibles depending upon the type of plan

– No claim bonus (NCB): NCB is an incentive from an insurer if you have a claim–free year which is carried forwarded for the next financial year


Insurance policies do tend to be technical in nature and hence requires your time to go through it. These five points are easy and helpful when you renew your car insurance.

By Tom Clark

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