Buying a car is a very hefty decision. It is not like getting a vase or a sweater, which you can return later or even if you cannot return you can settle for just throwing it and getting a new one because it is not that costly. In fact when you are buying a car, it is a long term decision and that is because you have to stick to the automobile for few years or even more.

When faced with the decision along with coming up with a definite model and company, there also a need to decide upon where to buy a used car or a new one. While it might look obvious that in which scenario to buy a new car and in which to buy a used one, here we present advantages and disadvantages of buying new or used cars in order to make the process of decision making a bit easier.

Advantages and disadvantages of buying new cars

When something is new, it is definitely more reliable and durable. You have good insurance coverage rate. You have guarantee of various parts for repair and replacement in case of any malfunction or damage. Also you have the liberty to choose from various latest models and styles. You have lots of choices like whether to buy newer model or compromise on the older one or which accessories to choose like sound system and LED displays Air bags and other luxuries associated with the car.

On the other hand, the disadvantage will be a huge cost. Brand new cars are expensive and in order to make such a huge investment one must be really sure before making the purchase. Also when using the new car, one must be extra careful that it stays in good condition as long as possible and there are no scratches or dents on

Advantages and disadvantages of buying used cars

There are definite disadvantages of buying used cars but there are some advantages too, which might be not that obvious. So first and foremost there is the advantage of less cost. If you manage to cut a good bargain, you can have save a lot of money. If you are a new driver, you can easily practice your driving skills on the cheaper car, once you are a good driver you can buy a new expensive car.

There are definitely disadvantages, like are always when buying second hand stuff. There is no guarantee of parts. Even if you get the battery checked by professionals, still there is no guarantee that how long the car will run. Also it is very difficult to get the insurance of old cars. Then you need to check whether the paper work of the car is complete. The car is not involved in any police case or is stolen from previous owners.

Depending upon your needs and requirements, make a sound decision after deliberation that whether you would prefer to buy a used car or new car.

By Tom Clark

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