Log book service is one of the most important aspects associated with any car. Though a lot of people do not show any concern about the same, but it is necessary to perform it once every 10,000 kms get completed for your car. This means that every time you complete the 10, 000 km mark it becomes mandatory for you to take the log book servicing. Now it is apt to think as to why it is necessary to take log booking or what difference does it really make. In log booking, the checking is done in accordance to the manufacturer’s guideline.  It means that professional technicians.

These checks can be regarding the performance of the car, its efficiency, speed, safety and lots more. But most important is to visit authorized car service center for the same. There are special teams of technicians who perform log book servicing. Thus, it is imperative to be sure of everything before you take the car to them.

What is done as a part of the Log Book Servicing?

When you take your car for the log book service, the technicians will perform a complete diagnostic to ensure that it meets the manufacturer’s guidelines.

These include brake inspection, engine inspection, engine oil and filter change, computer battery test, check lights, fan belt checking, type pressure check, suspension check, bonnet fluid level check and other such procedures. This means that almost every part of your car is covered and checked properly so that you do not encounter any issue but are able to enjoy a seamless experience.

Price of the Log Book Servicing

The cost of the log book servicing begins from $99 and can also increase depending on the issues that are encountered during the servicing. It is always a great idea to consult your authorized service center and get a fair idea about the investment to get your car meet manufacturer’s deadline. Herein, you get proper information and budgeting to help you plan your next log book service.


There are numerous advantages that can be enjoyed if you take the car for the log book servicing every time it crosses 10, 000-mile mark. Here are the benefits that you will be able to grab.

  • The value of your car will increase, and it becomes easy to sell your car at a good price. As all the parts are in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines it earns you a good value in return no matter how old your car is.
  • Once log book servicing is done your car will not need any kind of repair apart from the small problems that it may face. Other than that, there will be no big issues around the corner. Thus, you can save a lot of money with the log book service.
  • Claiming against warranty becomes easy and that is how you benefit from this service. No matter whose fault it is during the accident the log book service can help you claim and ensure you get maximum advantage of the same. That is why such a service is necessary for your car.

So make sure you do not let this opportunity go by. You must take it seriously and get the check performed every time your car covers the distance of 10, 000 kms. It will really be useful in the long run and fetch you a number of benefits stated above. Try looking for an authorized dealer who provides the log book servicing at an affordable price. Maintaining a log book means adding more life to your car! Thus if you love your most valued possession, you must also take good care of it.

By Salina Gomez

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