If you live in a big city like Delhi in India, then there are a lot of places where you can buy a well maintained refurbished car for a fraction of the original cost. Here we will talk about some of the premium cars that you can buy from second hand dealers near you and enjoy riding them with your family and friends.

Although there are hatchbacks, sedans and SUVs in the market, if you want a car that combines elegance with comfort, then you should look for a premium sedan. And if you are looking for a high-priced sedan car, then we suggest that you go for the redoubtable Audi A6. This superbly built car from the stable of Audi is one of the most sophisticated cars that is running on the roads. If you are looking for used Audi A6 in Delhi, then we suggest that you do a little research on the second-hand car dealers in and around Delhi. It is important that you find a second-hand car dealer who has a good market reputation for selling quality pre-owned cars and has several premium used cars in his stock.

While buying a second-hand car you have to follow a few rules to get a better deal and not get duped into buying a damaged car. The rules include inspecting the car. It is important that when you go to buy the used Audi A6 in Delhi, you should take a good mechanic with you. He will be able to inspect the car in detail and tell you any problem that the car is facing. Some of the problems that a second hand car faces are damaged interiors, worn out tyres, many features not working properly and engine trouble. If the car you want to buy has any such serious issues then it is better to keep away from it or you might face a big maintenance bill after you purchase the car.

Besides the physical condition of the car, you should also look at the paperwork of the car that you have finally decided to purchase. Make sure that the car that you are planning to buy is not tangled in any legal issue and the seller has the authority to sell the car. Compare the VIN number etched in the engine and the chassis to make sure that they are the same as that mentioned in the car papers.

The Audi A6 is an amazing car that has some of the most advanced features to make this car one of the sophisticated cars running on the road. The looks of this car are simply awesome and when you enter the passenger cabin, you will be mesmerized by the level of comfort elements that the designers have blessed this car with. The interior is tastefully furnished with wood, leather and chrome. The seats are ergonomically designed and can be controlled through an electric switch that is placed on the side of the seat. The dashboard of his car is designed with a lot of care and features a big infotainment panel that tells you the functioning of different elements like the engine, air conditioner, music system and the GPS.

The engineers have blessed this high-priced sedan car with two different engine configurations. One of them is a 1.8 litres oil mill and the other is a more powerful 2.0 litres motor. While the 2.0 litre trim gives an average mileage of 17.68 Kmpl on the highways, the 1.8 litres gives an overall mileage of 15.26 Kmpl. Both the trims are equipped with a sophisticated 7-speed automatic gearbox that allows this big car to reach its maximum speed of 232 Kmph in a short period of time.