Numbers of reasons are there for which people used to store their vehicles for an extended period. One of the most probable reasons is that the person might be going for an extended holiday or moving to some other city for the sake of the job. Or perhaps a person has a convertible model and loves it to drive in the summer but the winter is knocking the doors. Overall, the reasons can be numerous. But whatsoever may be the reasons are, it is extremely important to take care of the car, especially when the owner will not be around the same.

Check out the post to know how one can take exceptional care of the vehicle when going for a long or extended holiday. Hopefully, the pointers discussed in the post will be helpful for the readers and do share the suggestions below in the comment box.

  • Clean the Car Thoroughly

For many people, this might be counterintuitive to get the car that too thoroughly even when it will be kept for months. This is indeed an easy step and one should not overlook this option. The droppings of the bird, as well as water stains, can damage the paint on the vehicle. Don’t miss out to clean the undersides as well as wheels of the fenders to eliminate grease, tar or mud. For more protection, one can go for adding a coat of wax.

  • Make Sure to Change the Oil

If the owner of the vehicle is storing the same for a week or two, he/she skip this step. But if it is more than 30 days, it is important to change the engine oil. Car experts have suggested that it is important because used engine oil has got contaminants and that could damage the engine as well as functionality.

  • Keep the Battery Charged

An unused battery will start losing its charge and if it remains for a longer period then the owner might have to replace it with a new battery. It would be better to get someone to start the car and take it for a drive for a minimum of 15 minutes at least once in every two weeks.

Driving the car at regular interval of time has its own benefits. Some of them are like it will keep the battery charged and will help the engine as well as other components to remain lubricated.

  • Hire Car Storage Options

This is one of the most factors to consider for taking extensive care of the car when the owner of the same remains away for a period. Car storage options are designed in a way so that it offers overall protection to the vehicle from dirt, pollutants, gusty winds and even from the threats of burglars. Make sure that the location of the same is not too far from the resident so that it can be accessed for a drive (as discussed above).

To make the procedure hassle-free, one can easily get in touch with the professional service provider dealing with storing units. The best part is that the options are available in different sizes as well as shape.

By Tom Clark

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