Timing is everything when it comes to auctions, especially with commercial vehicle auctions in Gauteng and other urban business hubs. You’ve budgeted for the acquisition of new vehicles, but you need to make sure you know these two things:

Upcoming truck auction dates

Having the budget to spend at a commercial vehicle auction, or any auction, is only useful if you know when to spend it. Different auctions take place at different times, and even if you are going to the same auctioneer the goods on auction might differ completely from one day to the next.

A good example of a reliable source to consult in this regard is the Auctions page on the NUco Auctioneers website. Here they give you a list of upcoming auction dates, as well as a clear description of what is being auctioned on each date.

Even better, there is a “Read More” button for each auction here which will take you to a page full of information on this exact event. You can use this to clue yourself up on everything you need to know for the day, as well as contact details for any questions you may have.

Upcoming truck auction locations

Although it may seem fairly obvious that you need to know where an auction is, buyers often leave the specifics of the location till the last moment. You may be aware of the general location of the auction, but it would be unfortunate to arrive late because you went to the wrong building on the correct street.

Make sure that you look up the exact venue well in advance, and perhaps even use the opportunity to scope the area out early and look for ideal parking spaces. That way you won’t be caught unawares.

Preparation is key. As Abraham Lincoln once said: “I will prepare and some day my chance will come.”

By Tom Clark

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