It is not mandatory for you to have tones of money in your bank account so as to obtain a new campervan. There are many ways to buy a campervan without having to robbing a bank account.

Choose a Stock Vehicle

Several dealerships usually order campervans for their stock and will always have a new campervan for sale. They also have particular pre-ordered models that can be built once ordered. It takes ages to wait for a campervan to be custom built and it is very expensive. It is prudent to be flexible and go for a vehicle that is already on stock to save on cost. The best place to buy is at a show room where a variety of campervans is on display. There is also an added advantage of discounts on campervans that have all the features that you need.

Always Bargain

Do not be afraid to bargain since discounts are always available. Most sales men are usually ready to bargain, so approach them with a similar mindset. It is important to note that the dealership is offered incentives by the manufacturer for the number of vehicles they sell. This means that the sales men are ready to sell at a bargained price.

Ensure that you bargain for every feature of the campervan so that you end up with a whole package on a pocket friendly price.  Once you hit a price that is ideal, keep pushing since there is likelihood that the price is quite profitable for the salesman.

Pressure Selling

This sales method is still applied in subtle ways today. Be careful not to fall for lines such as ‘it will not be available by the end of the month’ or ‘this is the only model left in our stock this week’. Instead, use friendliness to your advantage and maintain self-control. The chances of you getting a hefty discount from a salesman who likes you are high. Time spent with a salesman should not be a guarantee that you will buy.

Do Not Pay Cash Always

Cash payments are a bit hefty and are a bit of headache as well. There are other methods of payment such as personal loans, dealer hire purchase, PCP purchase and zero percent deals. Make sure that you check the cost of a loan in your bank before you visit a showroom.

Dealer hire purchase is a simple traditional method where a third party organization connected to the dealer lends you the money. The rate charged depends on your credit card rating. Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) plan is available for 80% of campervans and its advantage is that the initial deposit and monthly deposits are quite low.

Zero Per Cent Deals

Majority of dealers have stock that is financed by a finance house and they have to pay interest on the balance. The zero percent deals offered usually cover the cost of finance and the profit margin. In the real sense, what you get is a discount or an actual zero percent deal. When they offer you both, realize that the screen price is inflated so be careful to compare the prices to other dealerships digitaltrap.

By Tom Clark

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