Renting a moving van to move alone is undoubtedly more comfortable than making multiple trips with the car or cars available.In addition, vehicle rental companies are everywhere and competition in this area provides relatively reasonable rates.

However, be careful not to rent any vehicle with a loading capacity or a liftgate.

The move requires trucks whose crates are specially designed to strap furniture for example but especially to protect them with upholstery.Here are some of the things to check when you want to rent a truck for a move to your preferred rental location. The use of the truck rental services Singapore is important now.

The loading volume:

When renting a moving van it is important to know what storage capacity we need.In the case of a move over short distances this will be less the case. To save a few euros on the rental of the truck you can always make several trips.In the case of a move over a large distance, however, it should not underestimate the volume of your move when calculating.

There are many configurations for moving trucks at rental companies.

The most common are:

  • 8/9 m 3 to move some boxes and furniture not very high in a studio for example. (No side bars and no upholstery)
  • 12 m 3 To move an apartment of 2 or 3 rooms maximum (Ribbons and padding rare)
  • 15m 3 Useful for a move of 3 or 4 pieces maximum (side bars and infrequent upholstery)
  • 20 / 23m 3 The most commonly used, with a separate box of the cabin and sometimes a nasturtium (23m 3), it will be useful to move a small house or a large apartment. (frequent sidebars and padding)
  • 27 M 3 More comfortable to load because bigger, it will be suitable for houses a little bigger. However be careful because the conduct of these utilities can be tricky (sidebars and padding frequent).
  • Beyond 27m 3 it becomes rare to see light vehicles (VL) more rented. Some can however reach 30m 3.
  • If you think you will have a larger volume in your home at that time it will be appropriate, either to rent several vehicles, or to call a moving company or transport that can use a vehicle “trucks”.

Side fastening bars:

Tie bars are the bars used to strap furniture and moving boards if needed, using straps, turnbuckles or ropes.

What are they for?

The side bars of fasteners are very convenient for strapping the furniture and possibly the cartons so that they cannot move too much during transport to the passage of roundabouts and other frequently used donkey-backs.

What is it used for?

It is extremely useful for protecting the furniture from shocks against the sidebars of the truck that are not covered and could therefore damage your furniture, especially if the furniture is strapped into the truck.

The tailgate:

The tailgate is not necessarily essential but will prove useful for some uses. It is visible at the back of the truck, it is the famous remote controlled platter that goes up and down at will to load or unload the moving truck.

What is it used for?

It will be very comfortable to have one on the rental truck in case you have heavy furniture and possibly if the people who help you for your move are not too comfortable with the idea of lifting. big furniture .

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