One of the most leading multinational automobile manufacturer company is Honda. It is one of the leading Japanese companies which manufacture cars as well as bikes in India too.  To match the pace of the advanced modern technology, Honda has brought some best electric cars in India.

Honda never fails to amaze the people with its effective working as well as presentations of different products. As there are ample car manufacturers with different and advanced technologies. Honda is going to leave behind all the other companies as the Japanese carmakers have announced to launch an electric car in India in the year 2023 – 2024. The innovative idea of the company will surely make it top and tough competition to others.

This electric car is an important part of the company aim for the rollout of electric cars globally, and it will be started in 2019 from China. As the government is still not cleared on the policy part, we can only say one has to wait for few more years before it can be actually seen. Honda Company clearly stated they are not going to wait for door opening which can make electrified vehicle footprint.

It is clear from previous launched cars of Honda that there are manufactured products which are quite reliable,especially when it comes to manufacturing reliable in cars powered by petrol. The company does not want to catch up its competition anymore in the solutions of green mobility. The Indian division of Honda cars has revealed that the step toward the Honda EV has been initiated and it will surely enter the market.

There are typically five major automobile manufacturers in Indian, and Honda is last among them. Now, the Honda is all set to give a tough competition to its other competitors. The theory of the electric vehicles has been in trend and is pushed by companies like Tata and Mahindra. On the other hand, Maruti Suzuki, as well as Hyundai, has already announced their plans about the Electric Vehicle. Honda electric cars avilable in market by 2020-2025 as this plan will surely take some time as their main aspect is to fulfill the demands of Indian customers like charging, affordability and infrastructure.

Honda too is now in the race to manufacture the vehicles which are environment-friendly along with its other competitors like Mahindra, Hyundai and Tata. The designing of the cars will be done keeping major aspects up like mileage, range and infrastructure to charge the cars.

By Tom Clark

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