All of us, who are familiar with the name Ayrton Senna, pay respect to the man due to many reasons. The ones who have not heard of the legend earlier, Senna was an F1 racer. However, he was not only respected for his driving skills, but also for various other reasons.

This article will tell you 12 amazing facts about Ayrton Senna, which will increase the value you have for the star in your heart.

#Fact 1: Senna’s First F1 Monaco Race is Considered to be Best Drives of all time.

Monaco is known for its unpredictable weather. This is why the 1984 Monaco Grand Prix became more challenging when it began to rain. Numerous world champions hit the wall and spun, but amateur Senna drove through the downpour.

#Fact 2: Senna was a Chess Master.

Apart from being a legendary Formula 1 racer, Ayrton Senna was a great player of chess. He used to play the game with a master strategist and renowned team owner, Sir Frank Williams. According to Williams, Senna would plan three moves and four counter moves ahead.

#Fact 3: Senna saved the Driver Erik Comas

While practicing for the Belgian Grand Prix of 1992, Erik Comas crashed his car, Ligier, heavily and lost consciousness. The next driver in the scene was Ayrton Senna, who stopped his car to help him. While the medical personnel arrived, Senna had turned Erik’s car’s engine off and held his head.

Although Comas missed the race, Senna’s attention managed to save his life and from critical injuries.

#Fact 4: Ayrton’s Funeral was among the most enormous in History.

Senna was loved by everyone, which is why, on his death, moments of mourning were announced throughout Brazil. More than 3 million people fringed in the streets for the procession of his funeral. Furthermore, Brazil marked a national holiday for the racer on that day.

#Fact 5: Senna was the Deepest Sports Thinker ever

The philosophical outlook of Ayrton Senna is noteworthy. He explained driving in metaphysical terms – he said that when we have a certain limit in a given time, and we reach it, we wish to go beyond it. He ends his philosophy by claiming that he once suddenly realised that he was not any longer driving consciously. He added that he was driving the car by a type of instinct, just that he was in a different dimension.

#Fact 6: Senna is the unsurpassed champion of Monaco

Senna won the Monaco Grand Prix 6 times and only two men ever have claimed the victory of 5. Moreover, from 1989, he won the race 5 times consecutively, which means he still held the streak at his death.

Besides this, the Brazilian racer was a finish away from coming first in the 1984 race, notably crashed with an enormous lead in 1988 and also left with a blown engine posterior securing the pole position in 1985. The worst finishing position Senna ever secured was third.

#Fact 7: Senna donated millions of dollars to charity.

While he was alive, Senna never let the public know about his donations to charity. Later, after his death, it was found out that the racer had donated about $400 million of his personal wealth to the charities of children. Presently, Ayrton Senna charity helps educate children.

#Fact 8: He won the Brazilian GP 1991 without 3rd, 4th or 5th Gears.

Senna’s first victory in the race in his own country was outstanding. Due to failure in transmission during the race, he was stuck in the 6th gear. His dedication and willpower led him to take the chequered flag. However, he required a medical car at the end of the race due to exhaustion.

#Fact 9: Senna had plans to wave a Flag in Honour of Ratzenberger

Roland Ratzenberger died during qualifications a day ahead of Ayrton Senna’s death. The Austrian’s death affected him majorly, which is why he had plans to wave his country’s flag in his honour after the race. However, during the race, he met an unexpected accident and passed away. Later, the Austrian flag was found in his car.

Max Moseley, the FIA (International Federation of Automobile) President then, did not attend Ayrton’s funeral since he believed that it would be wrong that Ratzenberger had been disregarded. A decade later, Moseley stated that he went to Roland’s funeral instead of Senna’s because it was essential that somebody attended his.

#Fact 10: Audi Makes Cars in Brazil owing to Senna

A short while before Aryton’s death, he went to Audi HQ in Ingolstadt in Germany to sign a contract for the initiation of importing the A3. In the following years, a factory was built by Audi Senna Ltda. to make the A3 in addition to VW Golf. The factory still runs strongly. However, it is now completely possessed by Audi.

#Fact 11: Senna’s Driving Techniques were Urban Legend kind

In Monaco, an individual would, on the sharpest left-hand corner, have to turn their steering wheel as much as possible and cross their hands while doing it. On the other hand, according to McLaren, Senna would then downshift with the use of his left hand, then straighten the car and go on. Some people believe it, while others say that it is an urban legend.

#Fact 12: Senna foresaw his own Death.

The corner of Tamburello was infamous for crashes, which is why Ayrton wished for its modification. 5 years prior to his critical crash, the Brazilian driver had foreseen that someone would pass away in the place. Unfortunately, he was the one to die.

The Bottom Line

Ayrton Senna may not be physically present in this world, but he is present in all our hearts. His contributions to history can never be forgotten. Senna will always remain a legend.

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