When it comes to your car, you already put a lot of effort into taking care of it. Your car is an extension of yourself, so why not personalize it? 

Specialty license plates can add a sense of personality to the outside of your vehicle. They can show what you care about, support organizations, and be fun to look at. 

If you’re ready to take your car to the next level by adding a specialty license plate, here’s how to do it! 

Selecting a Specialty License Plate Online

When you want to order a specialty license plate, you won’t be able to order one online. But, you can order a specialty frame to go around your license plate. These frames can complement the design of your license plate. 

The reason you can’t order your plates online is the state you’re registered in has to verify your information. Depending on your state, you might be able to purchase online. At the very least, you’ll be able to download forms and view plate options online

Choosing a Specialty License Plate in Person

To purchase a license plate in person, you will have to go online beforehand and download the forms needed. The type of paperwork you need will vary by state. For most states, the DMV or Department of Public Safety will have the forms you need. 

After you fill out the forms and verify your vehicle is qualified, you can pick out what you want the plate to say. You can keep the plate numbers the same, or you can make it spell out something fun, like your name. You will still have to adhere to the plate character limit, but you can still pick out something fun!

When you know what you want your plate to say, it’s time to pick out the image you want on your license plate. Each image will have a fee. For example, if you pick a wildlife conservation plate, you will need to make an annual donation to wildlife conservation efforts when you renew your tabs. 

Plates That Have Special Requirements 

Some license plate designs will have special requirements. 

For a military license plate, you need to show your military or veteran ID. Alongside that, you will need the paperwork and fee payment for the plate. If you want a plate that represents an award you received for your military service, you will need to have documentation proving you got that award. 

Disability veteran plates can be harder to obtain than other military plates because you have to bring paperwork showing a valid reason for needing this kind of plate. 

When you purchase a veteran plate, the fees you pay will go towards veteran service funds.  

Purchase a Specialty License Plate Today

Complete the look of your car with a specialty license plate today! Personalizing your vehicle can show people what you like, what you support, and who you are as a person. 

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