If you are planning to travel across Australia, you might wonder which vehicle you should prefer that can be your trustworthy companion while traversing this lovely and expansive country.

As such there are various options available which you can check at https://www.dazmac.com.au/boats-and-yachts-shipping.html, but the best option perhaps can be a motorhome.

But while considering this option, you should first ponder upon many other factors too. The first and perhaps the most important consideration may be whether to buy a motorhome or rent it.

1. Try before You Buy

Especially if you have never been used a motorhome, it might be advisable to rent one to check if it suits you.

It may simply be to make sure if the particular layout is perfect for you or that you have no issues while driving such a large vehicle with children in tow or even to check if you love the freedom a motorhome holiday offers.

As per the motorhome holiday experts, if you want to buy a motorhome, you should head towards Tasmania and first rent a camper there.

There is an expensive ferry ride to get there if you decide taking your camper there; so, if you rent when you reach Tassie, you can tick off somewhere you wish to go with no expense of taking your own motorhome and can also make sure you are comfortable living in a motorhome for a prolonged period of time.

But you should make sure you get to Tasmania in summer and not winter.

2. Buying Vs. Renting a Motorhome – What to Expect?

If you are an experienced traveller of Australia, it might be useful to check if you purchase your own motorhome, how comprehensive your insurance will be and check if it will cover you for every possible situation.

There is every possibility of these things and it’s unfortunate to see how some people are broken down but didn’t have insurance comprehensive enough and then they have to spend most part of their holiday to get themselves out from the problem.

Speak to an expert regarding which insurance cover is the best for you so that you can enjoy your trip without any worries.

There are differences in the insurance cover provided by hire companies; so, you’ll have to make sure you know them.

3. Buying Vs. Renting a Motorhome – the Restrictions

If you are planning to buy a motorhome, it might be useful considering the length of time you will take for your vacation and also distances you are comfortable to travel in one trip.

For example, if you live in Queensland and are longing to explore the gorgeous Western Australian coastline, is a trip so far away feasible for you from Queensland?

Also, if you live in Australia, you should remember that you’ll have to return home with the motorhome.

In such a case, one-way motorhome rental is worth considering. It means you can pick from one place and drop off in another, providing you a lot of freedom and flexibility regarding where to go and for how long, without worrying about going full circle back to the starting point.

However, some other holidays may only need a round trip and suits the system of pick up and drop off at the same place. In that case, it’s worth buying a motorhome if you will be travelling for three or more months and these restrictions go well with your purpose.

4. Which Motorhome to Prefer?

Getting the right type of motorhome is very important because the type of the vehicle can make or break your holiday.

A 2WD motorhome is ideal for cruising across most of Australia as most of the must-see places can be accessed easily as several roads are sealed.

It’s not however necessary to have a 4WD to see the Outback as there are a lot of sealed roads around. But you may even love hiring a 4×4 to see some of the most unspoilt places in this lovely country.

If you want to import a vehicle, hire Dazmac Logistics for importing motorhomes into Australia.

All in all, you should consider a lot of things before heading out in your motorhome. Consider them and make your journey unforgettable.


By Tom Clark

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