How serious are you about keeping the exterior of your car clean and shiny?

If you answered “very,” you likely already know a thing or two about ceramic coatings. These coatings are a liquid polymer that’s usually applied to the car by hand. They’re similar to sealant or car wax, but they tend to last longer.

When applied properly, ceramic coatings provide plenty of value for money. Here are the four main benefits of ceramic coating.

1. Versatile Protection

A ceramic coating protects cars from several common paint-damaging sources. For example, these coatings are super-hydrophobic. This means that the car’s exterior will shed water instead of getting damaged by moisture.

These coatings are also effective against chemicals that cause the paint to fade or peel off. These include brake fluid, generic cleaners, gasoline, and shoe polish. You can also find these chemicals in bird droppings.

Contrary to popular opinion, ceramic coatings aren’t completely scratch-proof. They won’t protect your car from car keying, for instance. That said, they can negate scratch damage from bushes, passing bikes, and so on.

Finally, a ceramic coating protects vehicles from UV rays. These can fade and oxidize car paint, making the car look more aged than it is.

2. Enhanced Look

One of the main benefits of a ceramic coating is that it makes cars shine and look brand new. Its translucent nature will keep the paint glossy for a while. This is particularly true if you apply the best ceramic coating for cars.

Of course, no coating can replace the importance of doing prep work. If you don’t take care of haze, faded paint, or swirl marks before applying the coating, they’ll still be there. They’ll look shinier, though!

3. Longer Lifespan

Depending on the brand, paint coatings last anywhere from one to three years. Some high-quality ceramic options can protect your paint for up to five years. By comparison, sealants and wax only last a few months at best.

The downside of the longer lifespan is that coatings take longer to apply as well. This is a 3-day procedure, as the coat needs time to dry. Still, durability remains one of the biggest benefits of ceramic coating a car.

4. Higher Efficiency

On top of lasting longer, ceramic coatings provide superior protection. The reason why coated cars look cleaner is that dirt has a harder time sticking to the paint. Liquids, chemicals, and debris will simply bounce off the surface.

This doesn’t mean that you’ll never need to wash your car, but you won’t need to do it as often. The washing should also take less effort, as the dirt usually comes off without much resistance.

More on Benefits of Ceramic Coating

As long as you apply it carefully, ceramic coating is the best paint protection you can ask for. Other benefits of ceramic coating include versatility, cost-effectiveness, and easier maintenance.

Interested in other benefits of ceramic coating your car? Not sure how to apply this type of coating? Keep checking out our Car Care Tips section for more tips and advice!

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