We often attribute wealthy people’s success to their high-paying jobs or luck. However, even if you’re wealthy, you won’t stay wealthy for long if you don’t have the right financial habits to preserve and grow your wealth. I have seen many people who accumulated vast wealth but lost it all over time. I have created five habits of financially successful people that help them remain wealthy. You can also follow these strategies regardless of your financial situation.

1. Saving a Significant Portion of your Income

I can’t define the specific percentage of your income that you need to save to be wealthy. I can say that the more you save, the faster you realize your financial goals. You will also be better placed to handle financial emergencies whenever they arise. You can use the budget you have created to determine how much you should save every month, and work out if you should consider using one sure or similar services to cut back on costs, or if you are alright as is. I strive to allocate a certain percentage of my paycheck towards my savings. It’s advisable to save at least 20% of your earnings. However, if this is not feasible, you can save a lower percentage and increase the saving as your financial situation improves.

Whenever you get extra income like tax refunds, end-of-year bonuses, or other unexpected incomes, you should consider adding them to your savings.

2. Living within Your Means

Living within your means is another habit of a financially successful person. In the current consumerist culture, you might find it difficult to refrain from buying things you don’t need. I realized that living beyond my means inhibits my ability to save. It’s hard to overcome the temptation to overspend. However, if you want to be a successful person one day, you have to watch how you spend money.

Occasionally, I allow myself to spend some money on luxuries. However, I always prioritize my basic expenses and my target savings. You should be disciplined and focus on saving for your future home, retirement, or vacation. If you want to make a significant purchase, it helps save money until you can afford the item instead of taking a loan to purchase it. Plus, consider the other costs associated with it, such as insurance or maintenance.

3. Learn to Invest

I consider investing money one of the easiest ways to grow my long-term savings. You should not invest savings that you intend to use over the next few years because you might end up losing your money in case of market fluctuations. However, for long-term savings, investment is better than a savings account because its returns are higher. You may choose to invest some money in your retirement account. If you aren’t sure about how to invest your money, you should contact a financial advisor.

I recommend mutual funds for new investors because they provide diversification. You may also consider investing in bonds and stocks. It’s always good to diversify your investments to ensure that you don’t lose your money if one bond or stock fails to perform properly.

4. Setting Clear Financial Goals

I always find it easier to save if I attach my savings to clear goals like retirement, college fund, retirement, vacation, or buying a new home. A financially successful person understands that having a goal allows them to remain motivated. I know that you probably have some vague financial goals in your mind like everyone else. However, you need to write down the goals and determine how to achieve each of them.

5. Constantly Learning

A financially successful person should never stop learning. I push myself to learn so that I can manage my money better. You can learn by reading financial books or seeking counsel from proven financial advisors.


When you adopt the five habits outlined above, you will improve your financial situation and achieve your financial goals much faster. You won’t transform your financial situation overnight. However, if you are consistent and determined, you will make great progress.

By Tom Clark

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