Are you sick of constantly juggling fuel management issues with your construction or service company? Constantly making sure all your vehicles are filled up, as well as keeping track of all your fuel usage can be stressful. Not to mention arraigning for fuel delivery itself can be a major juggling act.

You want a solution that allows you to save time and money, and lets you sit back a little and worry less, and that’s where having an on-site fuel management system can really help take some stress off your plate. Want to learn more about the benefits? Then read on for seven benefits of a fuel management system for construction sites and service companies!

1. Save Money

Fuel costs are the one consistent expense that you will incur over the course of a job. Not to mention the time lost when your fleet needs to fuel up. An on-site fuel management system mitigates not only the time lost but saves money overall.

If the worst happens and you run out of fuel on a construction site, the amount of downtime you have while you take your equipment to be refueled can be a major loss. Having your fuel delivered on-site each day keeps downtime to the absolute minimum. This also lets you focus on the job and not when you next need to fill up your tank.

2. Fuel Deliveries on Your Schedule

No more do you need to work around getting fuel for your vehicles. When you have a fuel management service, you always have your fuel on hand without worrying about constantly calling orders in. You can have the fuel delivered and topped off before the start of your business day if that works best for you!

Whether you need diesel delivery or regular fuel delivery, your fuel management service will have it there when you need it. Never underestimate the importance of being able to do things on your business’ schedule! The people at Fuel Logic will help you set up a delivery schedule that helps you be the best in business.

3. Increase Your Productivity

The more reliable your fuel deliveries, the more comfortable your workers will be with getting the job done on time. If your workers are more worried about fuel levels, they won’t focus on the work as much. Time and money are wasted when employees can’t focus on the job!

When you can have your fuel delivered on-site, their comfort level will skyrocket, and productivity will skyrocket as well. Happy and comfortable workers work harder over the course of the day than unhappy workers. No more shutdowns or unexpected downtime if you’ve got the reliability of fuel management service on your side.

4. Easier Account Management

When you sign with a fuel management company, you’re only dealing with one company, instead of however many, you need to make up for holes in the other’s scheduling. You know where your fuel is coming from, and even more important, you know when it is coming. No more worrying about which fuel companies can make up for a shortfall, only peace of mind that your fuel will be there when you need it.

Your account managers won’t need to worry about the seasonal price fluctuations, which in turn means far fewer data errors. When they have fewer headaches to deal with, their jobs are easier, which makes everything else move smoothly. Then you can focus on how to use your fuel, instead of where it comes from.

5. Deliveries Can Be Automated

Fuel logistics are complicated without adding in the question of where the fuel comes from. When you deal with fuel management or diesel management companies, automating the delivery of your fuel gives you a leg up on the competition that is still doing it piecemeal. In fact, many fuel management companies allow for scheduling deliveries via an app.

This way, if you need to increase your orders, it’s as simple as picking up your phone or logging into the internet to update your request. Another advantage to this is if your business starts using more fuel than necessary, then they can alert you and you can adjust your supply as needed.

6. Deliveries Are Consistent

Various times of year come with fuel cost fluctuation that is driven by seasonal demand. If you depend on multiple outlets for your fuel, then you can fall prey to high fuel price fluctuations. With a fuel management system, you can pay a fixed rate and get your fuel deliveries on time, every time.

With this system, you can set your budget for fuel, and let the fuel delivery happen on your schedule. No need to watch fuel stock prices and try and anticipate a budget. No surprises to throw your whole budget out the window or affect your ability to do jobs over the course of a year.

7. Streamlined Process

Keeping on point with fuel management while doing it across multiple sources places an undue burden on your company. When you start using a fuel management company, the fuel comes to you, rather than you having to go out and get the fuel. This is important in places where you have to drive over an hour away to refuel, a situation that is called “the last mile problem” in many industries.

On top of the already rising fuel expenses, you are wasting fuel to get more fuel. That is wasting time and money, both of which are better spent elsewhere. Getting a fuel management company just makes sense in these situations and will give you a business advantage.

Fuel Management

As you can see, utilizing on-site fuel management can benefit your business in several ways. From increasing productivity to flat-out saving money, using a fuel management service is key to making things run more smoothly. The more smoothly you run, the happier your clients will be.

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