The ever-growing GPS tracker market is expected to grow 13% by the year 2024. It’s continuously growing popularity is understandable given what it offers to individuals, families, and businesses alike. This includes the use of trailer trackers.

In this article, we discuss how the use of trailer tracking can assist with trailer loss prevention, as well as other benefits. Continue reading to find out why you can’t afford not to invest in a trailer tracker.

1. Saves Time

Setting up a GPS trailer tracker can help save your business time. They can spend less time trying to physically locate trucks and trailers, since they no longer have to rely on physical sightings or estimations.

2. Improves Efficiency

A trailer tracker, such as a GPS tracker, can help a company improve efficiency with a known location. This allows fleet managers to make informed decisions as far as which vehicles are nearest to the needed delivery.

3. Improved Security

Trailer trackers offer a better sense of security in the way of trailer loss prevention. A GPS tracker lets you know the location of a trailer at any time. They’re also helpful in the event a company needs to verify assets on board; they can quickly locate the trailer.

If a trailer is stolen, a trailer tracker can lead you to the location quickly. The information can then be shared with law enforcement. This means there’s a better chance to recover stolen assets.

4. Reduced Costs

Increased time and efficiency translate to reduced costs. While some companies worry about the cost of trailer tracking, they really need to worry about the costs that come with not having GPS tracking.

Being able to quickly locate the nearest trailer for a job means lower fuel costs than sending a vehicle that’s further away. It also means companies can offer routing assistance to ensure timely arrivals.

5. Better Tracking of Billable Hours

The utilization of trailer trackers can also help you track billable hours more efficiently. Drivers no longer have to estimate their driving time when they can get the actual, accurate numbers and distances.

This helps minimize mistakes when it comes to billing and ensures the company and employees are fairly paid for their time. This may even result in an increase in the number of billable hours since it’s more accurate.

6. Improved Safety for Employees

Some GPS trackers offer SOS features, but even if they don’t, trailer trackers can improve employee safety. If a driver has an accident and is incapacitated, help can be sent directly to their location.

7. Better Customer Service

Beyond trailer loss prevention and time-saving, trailer trackers can improve the customer experience. This includes being able to effectively communicate delays more quickly. It can also make it easier to answer customer questions about the location of their delivery.

Invest in Trailer Trackers

With all of these benefits, it’s easy to see why investing in trailer trackers can provide trailer loss prevention, improved safety, and increased efficiency. It is so useful that your company can’t afford not to invest in trailer tracking.

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