Do you want to outfit your RV with a mattress for your spine and sleep requirements?

In the United States, over 11% of households have a recreational vehicle (RV). Most families use their RVs to take cross-country trips or to see local sights. Yet, a problem with vacationing with back issues is that you’ll be away from your comfortable bed.

If you’re looking for the best RV mattress, you came to the right place. In this guide, you’ll learn tips and tricks to find the best mattresses for RVs.

1. Pick Your Preferred Type of RV Mattress

The first thing to learn about is your desired mattress type. Like their bedroom counterparts, RV mattresses also come in different types.

The most common ones include:

  • Memory foam
  • Innerspring
  • Hybrid mattress
  • Air mattress or airbed
  • Latex foam
  • Polyurethane foam

Each mattress type offers a unique experience. For example, hybrids are a mix of memory foam and innerspring mattresses. It’s a good choice if you like a bed with little to no motion transfer and a supportive surface.

2. Keep in Mind the RV Mattress Sizes

If you’re shopping for regular mattresses, you’ll notice they have six standard sizes. RV mattresses are a little different from standard sizes. For example, an RV queen-sized mattress is a few inches narrower or shorter compared to regular queen mattresses.

If you want a bigger mattress, consider changing your RV. Like regular beds, you can’t place a bigger mattress in a smaller RV. If your sleeping experience is more important, look for trailers for sale.

3. Look for a Warranty

Mattresses must last a long time, even for RVs. If you buy a mattress today, expect it to last between 10 and 25 years. A high-quality, luxury RV mattress should last at least 20 to 25 years.

Ask the retailer if the mattress comes with a warranty. The typical warranty lasts from 5 to 10 years. Some warranties could last as long as 25 years.

4. Check the Quality

Half of all working Americans admit to experiencing back pain every year. Remember, your body and spine are often under a lot of stress, especially during travel. Thus, the last tip in our guide to RV mattress shopping is to look for quality mattresses.

The best RV mattress isn’t only of the right size, price, type, or temperature. It should also be of high quality and use first-class materials. If you want to know the quality of a mattress, read its reviews and product descriptions.

Get the Best RV Mattress Soon!

A healthy spine is one of the key elements of living life to the fullest, which includes going on RV trips. Remember, you don’t need to get the most expensive option to find the best RV mattress. All you need is to find one befitting your needs and preferences.

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