Did you know that more than 10 million US households own an RV?

RVs and camper vans are unsurprisingly popular right now. In the COVID-19 hit world of 2021, they offer the opportunity to take a vacation while controlling social distancing.

Where do you stand on the camper vs RV debate? Each has its own pros and cons, so which one is for you?

If you are considering which you should buy, why not take a minute to read up on some of the differences. It will help you come to a better decision!

What Is a Camper (Or Camper Van)?
Campervans usually started their lives as normal vans with another purpose. Perhaps they were used for general deliveries or transport. However later, their owner decided to convert them into temporary accommodation.

For these reasons, campervans generally have only basic facilities and there is a wide variety of tastes available. After all, the owner created the campervan according to their own taste.

Campervans generally hold a maximum of three beds and have some kitchen facilities. They may have some devices that will run off the battery in the engine. Some models have the option to connect to an outside electricity supply.

Basic Facilities Only
While this sounds like fun, campervans do have their drawbacks. Most will not have any washing facilities at all. This is because there is no facility to hold or bring in a water supply. This also limits our ability to cook in your campervan.

Another downside is that there is rarely if ever the space to install a toilet facility. This can limit the locations where you park to sleep for the night.

What Is an RV (Recreational Vehicle)?
Campervans are great fun but have serious limitations. So what is an RV, and what can it offer you?

An RV, or recreational vehicle, is a purpose build vehicle that contains many if not all the facilities you need for your vacation.

They may come in the form of towed vehicles, such as caravans, or have a motor, such as a motorhome. Since they are purpose-built to accommodate you while on your vacation, they come with some excellent facilities.

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Home Comforts
So what facilities can an RV offer you? You can take most of the comforts of home with you. Some offer accommodation for as many as 10 people, a full kitchen, and even a full-size bathtub!

If you are considering a long trip, you may even want to consider a model that comes with a washing machine.

As you can tell, an RV is designed to carry water for your cooking and washing needs. Often it will have its own battery that you can use to power your lights and entertainment system.

Camper vs RV: Which One Is Best for You?
If you are looking for a way to get away on vacation while maintaining social distancing this year, taking your accommodation with you is a great idea. Where do you stand on the camper vs RV debate?

Hopefully after our discussion today you will have a clearer picture of what you need.

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