What is great about living in Brisbane is that you get to drive on one of the longest highways, namely the Bruce Highway. It is Brisbane’s main route, and it passes through most major cities throughout the Queensland coast. Besides the Bruce Highway, you also have the Ipswich Motorway that connects the city of Ipswich to the west through the southern suburbs. You need to take advantage of these highways if you want to drive for fun. 

After showing off your car around public roads, you need to find a safe spot to park it. Some car owners in Brisbane get complacent most of the time because they think parking under the shade is enough. That is where they are wrong because many elements could damage a vehicle. Even after contacting the services of car paint protection in Brisbane, car owners still have to provide maximum protection if they want to protect their paintwork. 

Avoid Parking Under Trees Filled With Birds

The first method of taking care of your car is to avoid parking spots in Brisbane under trees. While it may provide enough shade to protect your car’s paint job, you still have to worry about the birds hanging on the branches. There is nothing worse than seeing your vehicle filled with bird poop.

Before you decide to park under the tree, make sure to inspect the tree if birds are chirping. Once you hear the birds, try to find another parking spot if you do not want any bird droppings on your car. Many Brisbane parking spots can keep your car free from bird poop. 

Wash and Dry Habitually

The most obvious way of cleaning your car is through regular washing. Usually, the best way car owners in Brisbane can keep their vehicles washed and dried effectively is going to a carwash. But a time will arrive when you will have to do the washing and drying yourself, so you need to do it properly, or else there will be stains left on the car’s surface. 

Note that spraying water on the car is not the most effective method. You will need to use a clean, soft cloth to remove the dirt, mud, and other stains that are hard to remove with water alone. You should also buy a car cleaning product in Brisbane auto shops because they are safe on the car’s paint job. Do not forget to remove the stains on the car’s surface gently to preserve the paint job.

Buy a Car Cover

If you do not own a garage at home where you can park your car, the best option is to purchase a car cover. While they may not protect your car from people in Brisbane who would want to scratch your car, it can provide adequate protection from the sun’s heat, bird droppings, leaves, acid rain, and other elements that could damage its paint job. It would be best to purchase two car covers to replace the dirty one right away and keep your car protected.  Since you now know how to protect your car’s paint job, you should provide additional protection by calling the services of car paint protection in Brisbane. It is one effective way of protecting the paint job without using a car cover or parking in a well-shaded spot. 

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