Whenever you consider replacing your car covers, the two big names that come to your mind are Clazzioand Katzkin.

Both the popular seat cover brands have some distinct features that set them apart from the rest of the available brands.

But the big question is, “Which one of the two is better and why?”

Well, let us compare the key features of both the brands and get the answer to this big question.

Installation Ease

Installing seat covers in most cases require removing the seats and the old covers. And if you can get away with this tedious task, you are half relieved of fitting the new covers over your car seats.

And Clazzio leather seat covers offer you exactly the same. With Clazzio, you neither need to remove the old covers nor the seats. You can simply slip the new covers over the old ones with the seats still in place.

In addition, the seat covers come with simple instructions to install them over the seats. This eases out the installation process even further. And, thus, you can Do It Yourself.

In comparison, Katzkin seat covers require removal of seats as well as old covers. This calls for an expert’s help. Therefore, the installation of Katzkin covers requires workshop installation.

So, we award the Clazzio seat covers 1 point for its DIY easy installation.

Fitting Perfection

Clazzio seat covers are designed to fit accurately on your seats even with old covers still on.

Katzkin seat covers are no second in the fitting accuracy, though require removal of old covers.

However, due to shop installation, you may find the fitting of Katzkin to be superior to the DIY installation of Clazzio.

So, what if both the seat covers are installed by the professionals, who wins?

Well, none. Both are equally perfect.

And thus, we award 1 point each to Clazzio and Katzkin on fitting perfection.

Varieties and Designs

There is no limit to variety in either of the brands. So, no one can beat the other in this category.

However, it is the availability of designs that makes the difference. Katzkin is more flexible and can customize your seat covers design as per your requirement.

The Clazzio, on the other hand, offers only two designs.

So, Katzkin is a clear winner here and we award it 1 scoring point on this feature.

Price Value

Both brands are available in a wide price range. However, if we compare the price of the similar designs of each brand, Katzkin costs higher than the Clazzio seat covers.

So, on price value, Clazzio earns 1 more point over Katzkin.

Final Verdict

So, we observed that it was a cut-throat competition between the two brands with both excelling over the other in one or the other feature.

By Tom Clark

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