Apart from checking if your car is working well, you also need to check your phone before leaving home. Make sure you have sufficient battery to keep you going through the trip. You need your phone to communicate back home if anything happens. Bring a power bank if you didn’t charge before leaving. You can use your car’s charging station, but if your car breaks down, the outlet won’t function. You should also have an extra phone in case your primary phone stops working.

Even if you try your best to stay safe while driving, things could go wrong. Therefore, you should have the right contact information on your speed dial. If you have an accident, it’s easier to call the people on your speed dial. You might be too weak or in a terrible mental state at that time, and you can’t dial the essential numbers. These are the contact numbers to keep in your speed dial.

Family members

You want to let your family member know that you’re safe, even if you got involved in an incident. They will worry about your safety, and you don’t want them to find out what happened on the news. Inform them about your location, and if they have to come and pick you up.

Towing services

If your car needs to get towed, you have to call the right Fort Lauderdale towing services company. You don’t want to get stuck, especially if you’re driving in the middle of nowhere, and something happens.

Emergency numbers

You have to know the emergency contact numbers in your area. The good thing is that most phones automatically save these emergency numbers. You can call them even before you unlock your phone. You won’t have a hard time asking for help during the worst accidents.

A mechanic

If you have a friend who can repair cars, you might need to call that person. There are instances when the problem is easy to fix. You can do the job yourself with the guide of the mechanic. Make sure you have the tool kit in the car so you can fix the problem. However, if you think the repair issue is too big, you shouldn’t try to solve it.

Insurance company

Some people who get involved in an accident are busy fighting with the other party rather than calling the right people. You can’t do anything anymore since the accident already happened. You can just call your insurance company to ask for an insurance claim. You might need it to repair or replace your car. You also need help to pay the medical costs if you got injured from the accident. You have to call the right people during these instances and stay calm. Be clear in relaying your message. Get straight to the point. After calling the people on your speed dial, find a safe place where you can wait, but not too far from the vehicle.

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