Expert reviews on cars are an effort to determine the pros and cons of a car, and know how a car acts on different types of terrains, like smooth road, busy city traffic, rough bumpy roads, etc. When driven on different road types and at different speeds, the expert determines the car’s performance well because the car handles a lot of braking, sudden acceleration or deceleration and a lot of turning points.

In these road tests, the auto experts test the features, outer and interior built, driving characteristics, performance and handling, mileage, etc., to access the car in a perfect manner, and to let the customers know the real functionality and performance of the car. Customers get to know whether the car that they are looking to buy is worth the price, and will suit their driving style and requirements. This way, the customers get a fair and practical idea, and they make a well-informed decision while buying a car.

Autoportal is a well-known automotive portal that brings to you all the latest updates on new and used cars, and latest news from the world of cars and bikes. You can find the website loaded with expert test drive reviews, road test reviews, long term reviews, etc., for all the latest as well as outgoing car models. The auto experts at Autoportal thoroughly access all cars based on a list of criteria and give out a detailed video/text review for the customers to get a fair idea about the car they want to buy. These real expert reviews on Autoportal are a way to tell the customers that we are there with you in this huge decision of car buying, and we will guide you at every step so that you do not end up buying a wrong car and regretting.

One of the test drive reviews that got very popular at Autoportal was Tata Hexa Test drive review

Tata Hexa was launched as an upgraded and all-new version of Tata Aria. For so long, the sales of Tata cars had seen a downfall as they were not able to compete well with other cars in the market. With the launch of Tata Tiago and Tata Tigor, the company gradually rose and was able to perform well in the hatchback and compact sedan markets, respectively. After the success of these cars, the brand decided to enter into the SUV segment with the launch of Tata Hexa. This SUV was loved by the customers and the SUV was talked about everywhere even before its launch.

Here are the major pointers from Tata Hexa Expert Review at Autoportal:

  • The Impact design technology makes the Tata Hexa exterior quite aggressive from the front as well as back. The bullhorn-shaped front grille looks good and the 19-inch alloy wheels look attractive enough. Every single detail on the exterior part makes the SUV very bold and gives it an impactful road presence.
  • Tata Hexa interior has been the talk of the town since its launch because of the high-quality materials used inside the cabin. The insides look plush and you will not find a single use of low-quality plastic anywhere. The spacious cabin has good headroom and legroom, and the seat quality is also noteworthy.
  • The 2.2 L engine makes power of 156 bhp and torque of 400 Nm. The 6-speed manual gearbox adds flexibility to the engine and lets very less outside noise get in while travelling on the highway. The automatic variant is believed to be a better choice.
  • A Tata Hexa drive is considered to be one of the smoothest drives. The SUV handles pretty well even on bumpy roads and does not get you much jerks. The steering is great and effortless.

Overall, Tata Hexa is a great SUV. It offers a lot of useful features, and is high on comfort and ride quality. The cabin also is excellently designed and you won’t complain of less of comfort while travelling.

Check out the detailed test drive reviews at Autoportal. You can also test drive Tata Hexa, Hyundai cars like Hyundai i10, Elite i20, etc., Maruti Suzuki cars like Swift, Dzire, Brezza, etc., by booking a test drive at Autoportal!


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