Tinted windows have the ability to make a car look cool and sleek. Even the most unattractive vehicle gets an instant maker when the windows are tinted.

Sure, window film can make your ride look nice, but how much does it cost to tint car windows? Well, we’ll explain more to you about it in this guide. Continue reading the content below.

Window Tint Prices

The cost to tint car windows varies based on the type of vehicle you have. Here are the standard window tint prices for various car models:


You can expect to pay extra if your coupe has high rear windows or angled windows. They are more difficult to shade, which would boost labor costs. Tinting a two-door automobile with five windows is expected to cost around $120 and $450 on average.


If you opt for a less expensive tint, you should plan to spend roughly $50 to $250 for all seven windows on your vehicle. The installment includes the two front sides, two rear quarter windows, the two backsides, and the rear.

However, high-performance window tint costs about $100 per window or about $650 for all seven windows on your automobile.


You should expect to spend about $350 to stain the windows of your pickup truck. There is extra time and labor involved, plus the size of the truck plays a factor also. If you want to shade the slider windows, the price increases.


SUVs have much larger screens, and the body of the vehicle is larger and taller, which affects the pricing. Glass tinting for SUVs can cost approximately $250 and $750. The bigger the vehicle, the more expensive it’ll be.

Additional Car Window Tint Cost Factors

The cost of getting your windows professionally tinted by experts will differ. When it comes to pricing, the following are the most important considerations.

The number of windows: The number of windows and the form of tint are both important considerations.

The cost can vary depending on how many windows you want tinted, the kind of tint you want, and the size of your windows. One of the most important pricing factors is the type of material and technology used in a window film.

Warranty: Another vital consideration is the warranty. Some tint providers offer a lifetime warranty, although most of their warranties might have a shorter return policy duration.

Laws and Location: Bear in mind that costs can vary based on the state’s window tinting regulations. Some states have a legal limit on the amount of tint that can be used, which is why the cost to tint car windows varies.

For states that allow darker tint, the prices are significantly higher. The quality of the window film needs to be better for darker tint.

Tinting Car Windows: Different Types of Tint

There are dozens of different window tint types, but there are only a few primary versions that most people use. They include the following:

Dyed Window Tint

The dyed film is a simple, high-quality tint that uses several layers of dye to shield against sunlight and heat. Solar heat is absorbed by the dye, which stops it from touching the car.

Despite its excellent results, it does not provide the same degree of safety as other types of films. It’s also worth noting that, unlike other window tints, dyed car window tinting fades with time and requires replacement.

Metalized Tint

Metalized tints, like dyed films, help wade heat by filtering it with tiny metallic particles. They are almost imperceptible and are ingrained in it.

It also has a feature that reinforces car windows. For instance, the shatter tolerance of tinted glass is a lot better than non-tinted windows. Furthermore, its shine makes it readily identifiable, and it is long-lasting.

Hybrid Tint

Metallic particles and pigment are used in hybrid window tinting. It combines the positive aspects of both dyed and metalized tint. Therefore, the combination minimizes its drawbacks.

Titanium and grey dye is a favorite mixture because it’s not too dark nor too translucent. It is moderately bright and not too reflective, which offers adequate privacy and excellent heat and UV ray protection.

Ceramic Tint

Ceramic window film is one of the highest-quality non-conductive ceramic window tint solutions out there. Despite the fact that it is a newer style of car tint, it is more costly due to its super efficiency

This window tint can shield against 50% of solar heat without obstructing illumination and is more resistant to fade and glare than other tints, making it a more reliable and efficient choice.

Crystalline Car Tint

Some vehicle owners like to add car tints that aren’t too black. Crystalline window tint is recommended for those who choose this alternative.

Even if the film isn’t fully opaque, it would still block UV radiation and solar heat. Plus, those who are unaware of what window tint is legal in their state should opt for crystalline tints.

Now that you know more about the cost to tint car windows, follow the highlighted link to learn the factors to consider when selecting a window tinting company.

Understanding the Cost to Tint Car Windows

Hopefully, this blog post helped you understand more about the cost to tint car windows. As you can see, it’s pretty affordable. So, do you think you’ll get your windows tinted?

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