With doorstep delivery becoming the new norm, the demand for fridge vans has increased a lot. Frozen goods delivery is difficult without refrigeration. Most online and offline businesses depend on fridge vans to deliver frozen items. The demand for fridge vans is also rising among wedding caterers, app-based butchers, and fish suppliers. However, the demand is no longer restricted to those in the food business. Any business that deals with perishable items are now looking for fridge vans for more efficiency. For example, the flower business also has started exploring fridge vans to keep their products fresh longer.

Buying a fridge van is an expensive affair. However, buying a fridge van can be considered an investment rather than an expense. Fridge vans increase the efficiency of your business and the profit you earn can soon cover the price of the van. Fridge vans come in different shapes and sizes. There are both small transit vans and huge delivery trucks available in the market. You can choose as per your requirement. Once you start making deliveries using the fridge van you can also paste your logo on the van and it would also help you in branding and advertising your business.

6 Things to Consider Before Buying a Fridge Van

There are mainly four dominant brands when it comes to fridge vans. These brands are Mercedes Benz Sprinter, Nissan NV, Nissan NV 200, and RAM ProMaster.   Mercedes Fridge Vans have dominated the market and when it comes to size, capacity and durability it is your best bet. Mercedes have now launched their New Sprinter as a refrigerated and insulated van which is better than the original model.

Mercedes fridge vans are economical and practical. Mercedes Sprinter is designed for safety and has a strong drive force. Mercedes fridge vans are designed for commercial usage and provide efficient cargo transportation. The New Sprinter has some additional design innovations that make it more efficient.


Nissan NV has a cargo capacity of 4000 pounds but has low roof height. Nissan NV 200 is smaller and ideal for small loads. Mercedes New Sprinter has large loading dimensions that allow it to transport huge volumes of frozen goods. There is a huge amount of storage space inside the van. Frozen goods can be loaded using the sliding door at the rear or can be loaded crosswise. The refrigeration unit is placed on the roof that allows more space for storage. The aluminum floor has grain-like textured tiles that are carefully joined with leak-proof and HACCP-compliant welds. This enables easy cleaning of the floor. It has a waterproof floor.


Nissan NV is technologically redundant and not eco-friendly. Whereas, the specially designed aerodynamic system makes the New Sprinter fuel-efficient. The cooling system is also operational when the engine is switched off. This also controls pollutant emissions. The low-emission makes it a more sustainable and energy-efficient choice.

Integrated Cooling System

New Sprinter comes with an integrated cooling system that eliminates the need for additional roof mounting. The New Sprinter is economical and aerodynamically sound. The cooling system is driven by a compressor and it can reduce the inside temperature to zero degrees. The cooling system can be controlled and adjusted using the central control panel. The refrigeration units are capable of handling a heatwave. The cargo doors have double seals that ensure good insulation. The interior is kept cold by using a special covering of a 100% recyclable polyurethane spray coat.

Durable Body

The New Sprinter has high-quality fiber-glass reinforced plastic bodies. This helps in making it more efficient in making deep-freeze, climate-controlled and hygienic delivery. The body is capable of temperatures as low as -18 degrees celsius.


Sprinter has both petrol and diesel options. They are powered by 6cylinder engines. Sprinter has a blue efficiency package that has a gear shift indicator, a power steering, low rolling resistance tires, and a mechanism to manage the battery and alternator.

Safety Features

Commercial vehicles have to be on the road almost every day, they need to have good mileage, and they should be controllable as they carry heavy loads. Keeping all these in mind the New Sprinter has innovative safety features. It has active brake assist, blind-spot assist, lane assist, laminated windshield, rearview camera, and display unit, it also has a 360-degree camera for additional tracking, collision prevention alert, hilly road alert, crosswind assist, airbags for both driver and co-passenger, multimedia touch screen control panel, LED daytime running lights, wet wiper, electronic stability program, cruise control, and the van is HVAC compliant. The traffic sign assist keeps an eye on speed limits and monitors overtaking.

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