It’s never been simpler to rent a Lamborghini with Cars & Caviar. Decide on the Lamborghini that you want to hire. Choose the day and hour you want to pick up the Lamborghini from our Sunset Boulevard or Malibu location. We calculate the overall cost of renting the Lamborghini. When the pricing seems fair, input your credit card details. Currently, Visa and MasterCard are accepted. Your credit card will be put on hold to rent a lamborghini in Los Angeles.

As you can see above, the total cost to rent a Lamborghini is $1,526 and will be charged to your credit card when you pick it up. This includes the rental fee of $1,400, taxes (8.25%), and credit card processing fees (0.75%). Your credit card will be charged a $5,000 hold once you arrive.

Along with a copy of your insurance card, a copy of your driver’s licence is also taken. Your insurance provider confirms your coverage. Any damage or extra miles you may accrue are covered by the $5,000 security deposit. Your Lamborghini rental inspection report will be evaluated when it is returned. You are only allowed to travel 50 miles for free each day, and any additional miles cost $4 each.

Any additional miles are driven, failure to return with a full tank of gas, vehicle damage, or failure to return the Lamborghini rental on time will result in a deduction from your deposit and a charge for that day. That day, the remaining hold sum will be charged. The money still on hold will be released. And we’re looking forward to giving you the keys to another Lamborghini soon for a red carpet event, movie premiere, launch party, or just to have fun around town!

Why should you rent a Lamborghini?

It’s always fascinating to rent an exotic car for a particular occasion. You get to drive a rent a lamborghini in Los Angeles that you otherwise couldn’t afford, and you might even get to give it some spirited driving. Driving such an expensive, fast car can provide a rush that lingers long after the event is over. However, you should be aware of all of its characteristics and capabilities before hiring an exotic car because there are a lot of vital things to take into account.

Always be sure to ask the rental firm several questions before hiring an exotic vehicle. For instance, learn the vehicle’s mileage restrictions and the fuel usage guidelines. Given that many exotic automobiles are high-performance, gas-guzzling machines, it’s critical to estimate your fuel costs. Ask about any limitations that might be in places, such as those that prohibit taking the car outside of the state or nation.

Makes Your Day A Perfect One

How often have you accepted an invitation to a wedding out of town only to find yourself travelling there in the minivan owned by your family? No matter how elaborate the bride’s gown is or how much time the groom spent selecting his suit when he sees you arrive in that minivan, it won’t seem like quite the special event. Therefore, you must rent a lamborghini in Los Angeles at fair prices.

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