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Car shipping is quite standard in all leading countries, and the US is no different. It becomes necessary when a person shifts from one city to another. This is because people cannot just drive to their destination with all their belongings at times. Instead, it is easier for them to ship all their belongings and take a flight.

As per my experience, I can say that I was pretty concerned about how to ship my car. However, the process is easy, and I can share the details about the right process and mention some tips. 

All the details mentioned here can be helpful for you as you plan to shift your car from one city to another. Just have a look:

Choosing the right transport company

When I asked myself how to ship my car, my mind answered something readily. Well, I started searching for a transport company instantly. 

You should always search for the best transport company in your area to ship your vehicle. Here are some effective searching techniques:

  1. Search on the directory

The Auto Transport Company Directory contains the contact details of multiple car shipping agencies. You can access it and select the ones that provide the service in your area. 

  • Check the license and USDOT number

I would always recommend you check the license of the car shipping service provider. When I was thinking about shipping my car, I emphasized the company’s license and DOT number. Without both, no car shippers can execute interstate movements. 

No matter which transport agency you choose, remember to check the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration site. You can find the license details and the DOT number of the selected company. Always try avoiding a car transport company with no valid license and DOT number.

  • Check the BBB rating

BBB stands for Better Business Bureau. A car transport company with an excellent BBB rating can serve you the best. You can expect a company with a high BBB rating to ship your car timely and safely. 

Getting the car ready for Shipping

While talking with the transport experts about how to ship my car, I learned about certain exciting facts. These facts were about getting a vehicle ready for shipping. I would love to share the facts with you.

1. Check the fuel level of the car before shipping

You should always check the fuel level in your car before shipping. Remember that the maximum amount of fuel present in your vehicle should be one quarter.

2. Remove all junks

You must remove all junk from your car before shipping it. No extra accessories or valuables should be present in your vehicle. 

3. Charge up the battery

Ensure that the car battery is fully charged before placing it for shipping. Consider it vital as the transporters might need to move the vehicle multiple times as the shipping process occurs. 

4. Pump the tires properly

Inflating the tires of your car while shipping is always a good practice. You must execute it due to the same reason described above. 

Apart from these things, you should always click on several pictures of your car before shipping it. These photographs can act as proof of the condition of your vehicle. You can even sue the transporting agency in case your vehicle is damaged. 

Cost of shipping a car from one city to another

The cost of car shipping from one city to another is variable. It depends on a lot of parameters. Well, I can give you a detailed overview of this as I know how to ship my car. Take a look:

1. Type of car

The primary parameter on which car shipping charges depend is the type of car. The shipping charges for an SUV or pickup van will be more than a hatchback. The weight acts as another parameter on which shipping charges depend.

Yet another thing on which the shipping charges depend is the overall make of the car. You might have to spend more money while shipping a luxurious vehicle. 

2. Distance

Enough, the car shipping agencies charge you based on distance. Remember to be specific about the location while shipping a car. This can help you get the shipping service at a reasonable expenditure.

3. Season

I was amazed that season also acts as a significant parameter regarding the car shipping charges. I never expected it while planning how to ship my car.

Generally, you need to spend more on car shipping in summer than winter. The main reason is high demand. In addition, most people in the US tend to shift to new places in summer due to the comfortable weather. However, you can go for car shipping during late autumn to get a reasonable rate.

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4. Type of carriers

There are two types of carries that car shippers use in the US in general. They are open air carriers and enclosed carriers. 

When I asked the expert how to ship my car, he suggested the enclosed carrier. The enclosed carriers are more expensive than their counterparts, but you can be assured safety. Moreover, you can expect faster vehicle delivery with an enclosed carrier as very few people choose it.

As per the approximate car shipping charges, you can expect it to be affordable enough. Expect car shipping to range between $600 to $1100 for a sedan. Likewise, it can surge up to $800 to $1500 for a pickup truck or SUV. 

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Final Words

I have shared all I knew regarding car shipping from one city to another. I am sure that you too would gain good experience related to the service after taking it once. After that, you might find yourself instructing another person on how to ship my car. I assure you that the entire process is easy and quite affordable.  

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