If you want your car to function properly, you should be aware of the condition of the battery. Because you see, the battery is the most important component of a car. Without it, the car can’t start, move or do anything else. So it’s important that you understand some of the early signs that tell you that your car needs a battery replacement.

If you don’t want to get disappointments such as reporting to work late or missing that important meeting because your car has broken down, then you can save yourself all these dramas by doing a car battery replacement as soon as possible.

The following are signs that your car needs a battery replacement.

  1. The car engine won’t start

This is the most obvious sign. You get into the car, you turn the key, step on the gas pedal but the car can’t start and all you hear is a clicking sound. This, unfortunately, shows you that your battery is dying or it has died off completely.

There may be other reasons as to why your car won’t start but most of the time, it’s the battery which has the problem. So it’s advisable that you replace your battery. There are various companies that offer services on car repairs and even replacement of batteries. Consult with the technician before changing  the same.

  1. The car’s headlights get dim

When driving at night, whether from a dinner out or just a road trip, you need to see clearly what’s on the road ahead of you. If you notice that your lights are not as bright as the way they used to, then that’s a warning that your battery needs to be replaced.

If your lights get dim, it’s because they’re not getting enough power from the battery to make them be as bright as they should be.

  1. The car won’t start after sitting overnight.

This is one of the surest signs that your car needs battery replacement as soon as possible. You need to check on how your car responds after it sits overnight irrespective of the weather conditions.

If you perhaps left your interior lights on overnight accidentally and in the morning, your car can’t start, that clearly shows that your battery should be replaced.

  1. The car backfiring.

Backfiring can also be a sign of a dying battery. Backfiring happens when the sparks become intermittent, this leads to fuel building up in the cylinders then igniting suddenly and with greater force than normal

  1. Swollen battery case.

When a car battery is exposed to too much heat or cold, it can make the battery case swell.

And when a battery sits in a car that is not driven for some time, in a cold place, the battery may freeze. These swelling and freezing from excess heat or cold can shorten the battery’s lifespan and hence the need for replacement.

  1. Old age

A car battery should last for about four to five years. If your car has hit the five-year mark, then it’ll be a great idea to replace it. If you’re not sure on the age of the battery, you can find it on the manufacture date on the battery case.