The NV4500 Transmission, Information, Installations and Reviews

The NV4500 is regarded as the most robust and reliable 5-speed manual transmission ever built.  Robust and reliable, this 5-speed transmission is supplied in commercial vehicles (up to 1 ton) and is a popular alternative to older 4-speed commercial vehicles.  It is also a popular replacement for the 5-speed transmissions used in other 1-ton trucks such as Ford ZF or Getrag (as used in Dodge Diesels before changing Dodge to NV4500). It is also the most popular 5-speed truck for use in the construction of extreme Jeeps, Broncos and other short wheelbase all-terrain trucks.

Many changes were made during the production of the NV4500; two significant variations were the NV4500LD, which was used with Dodge V8 and GM gasoline and diesel engines, and the NV4500HD, which was used in Dodge trucks equipped with Cummins diesel and V10 engines. The HD (Heavy Duty) version was launched in 1994, with an input torque of 460 lb/ft, partly due to a 1 1/4″ 10-line input shaft.


– Highly resistant top load

– Fully synchronized

– Cast iron box

– Aluminum top cover

– Dual PTO ports

– All helical gears

– Granny first gear layer to drag or drop off the road

– Fifth gearbox with overdrive for good gas kilometers

The NV4500 transmission was first used by Dodge in 1992. It was equipped with a 19-inch input shaft and a locking mechanism integrated into the synchronizer assembly 1-2 to prevent the reduction of the first and second gears to higher speeds. The current speeds of the Dodge and GM versions of the NV4500 are fully synchronized, including reverse, with carbon fiber composite timing rings. The NV4500 dual cone synchronizers are used for first and second gears.

The NV4500 transmission has a body length of only 12.37″, making it the perfect conversion for short wheelbase vehicles such as Jeeps, Broncos and Toyota Land Cruisers.

Applications and replacements

The NV4500s are a good replacement for old 4-speed trucks and are also a popular replacement for the 5-speed gearboxes used in newer vehicles. If you have a 3/4 or 1 ton Dodge truck with one of the weak GETRAG gearboxes, the NV4500 gearbox is the solution to your problem. The NV4500 has stronger gears, better housings, and bearings, as well as an even distribution of its standard clutch.

The NV4500 transmission can be adapted to almost any application. It is often cheaper to replace an NV4500 with a Jeep instead of rebuilding the factory gearbox, which is a problem. PLUS is an easy replacement when using a Dodge version of the NV4500 transmission because all you need is an adapter plate from the bonnet cover.

NV4500: General Information:

In 1992, Dodge and General Motors trucks began to introduce one of the most versatile transmissions ever offered in a production truck: the New Venture Gear 4500, which is available as an option on 3/4 and 1-ton trucks.  Standard Dodge units are available in 5.2 and 5.9-liter trucks, while Dodge HD versions are used with Cummins and V10 diesel engines.

This gearbox is a fully synchronized five-speed gearbox (except for GM reverse models) with all the power and benefits of a low gear.

The cast iron housing is combined with solid gears in an almost compact 200-pound package. This unit moves with a smooth and short movement and with very pronounced door changes.

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