Puerto Escondido, Mexico, a must-see for surf enthusiasts. If the mythical Zicatela wave is not accessible to everyone, there is something for everyone. But it would be reductive to limit this Pacific coast of the state of Puerto Escondido Oaxaca alone.

The area is indeed full of places to discover. There is Mazunte and its yogic vibes, Zipolite and its free zizis. Ditto, if surfing scares you, you would have a magical moment watching a turtle release for example. You can spend more than 10 days in the region and we give you our good addresses, our practical advice and the places to discover during your trip to surfers’ paradise.

Playa Carrizalillo: Perfect for Beginners

You cannot yet claim to be a “big surfer” or making beautiful turns is not yet in your skills? No problem. Something for all levels is needed and you should find a wave at your feet in Playa Carrizalillo. This small beach, which can be reached by going down a lot of stairs, is nestled in a pretty cove.

The Spot

The place is really lovely and the surf is good for beginners, but in the morning. We insist on the morning because from 2 p.m., the line-up is invaded by lessons and unfriendly monitors. They don’t hesitate to throw their students in front of you. This is not where you will find the “Surf Vibe”. In short, go there in the morning, you will be more peaceful. Maybe you will have the chance to surf with a turtle like Elisa.

Two spots for the price of one on this easy spot in Puerto Escondido, Mexico. With the ocean in front of you:

On the right, you need a good swell at high tide for this to work. Short and fast waves, watch out for rocks;

On the left, a long left with plenty of room, works mid-tide, high-tide so that the waves are powerful enough to activate your take-off. If your oar is not efficient enough, choose the left side close to the rocks to store as much energy as possible.

The Sunbathing

On Carrizalillo, you will have the choice between taking a deckchair and enjoying the shade or exposing yourself all day. It hits hard and there are not many free shadows, so sunscreen is mandatory. Grab your picnic or go grab a delicious falafel at the top of the stairs. Perfect, like that you burn the chickpea sauce, from El Sultan for two durums at 120 pesos.

La Punta: Haunt Of Hipsters and Intermediate Surfers

Second spot on the list, La Punta is also a great place to surf, but not only and not for everyone. Readers’ surfers, the rental of the board here is affordable and easy. Count 150 pesos for 2 hours or 300 pesos for the day. The spot is a little more technical. The entrance is on the right to take advantage of the current.

The rocky mass on the left side, combined with the world in place can make the session difficult. Once again, therefore prefer the morning and an intermediate level.

Conditions can make this left slow and lazy or fast and searing. If the swell is good, you won’t have to get too close to the rocks to catch the wave. Unfortunately the peak is at the level of the rocks, so you will not have the priority if you go too far from it. If the rollers lack power, you will have to take advantage of the rocky massif for a quick take-off.

The lessons take place on a part of the wave closer to the beach. The instructor usually comes to push you. So no worries for beginners wishing to improve behind the peak, a little further to the left are another spot reserved for advanced surfers. Lots more rocks and bigger waves waiting for you.

By Tom Clark

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