After having turned in the car that you probably have shared a lot of happy memories with, it is normal to be curious about its fate and what we actually do with it. Well, since the cars are usually of no use in their current form, it is far more intelligible to use its parts in the making of another car or by using them as spare parts.

This is done by ‘reducing’ the car to its basic elements such as steel, rubber, glass etc.

Parts of the car such as its engine, battery, tires, catalytic converter and steering wheel are removed before the car is put in to the shredder. The engine coolant, oil, transmission fluid, air conditioning refrigerant, and gasoline are also drained and removed. This Perth Car Removal process is very crucial since it may be extremely hazardous to shred the car with these sensitive parts still in it.

Other high valued parts such as music systems, alternators or some electronic modules are also removed and checked to see if they are still serviceable or if they are profitable.

What Happens Next

After all the parts and products have been removed, the car is then subjected to further processing which may include removing the air conditioner evaporator and the wiring. The remains are then shredded, crushed and cubed so as to make transportation easy and feasible.

Once this is done and all the spare parts are ready, they are further polished and made presentable to be sold to the clients. The car’s parts basically provide the raw material to many companies. These clients may be a steel mill, a leather company, a car manufacturing company or a company that deals with metals.

This whole process is highly beneficial in the environment as well as makes economic sense. The recycling of metals is far less expensive, in terms of energy used, than making the metals. So when we recycle a car, we basically save an approximate of 85 million barrels of oil annually which may otherwise would have been used in the manufacturing of other parts.

This is a great way to reserve our natural resources for the future generations. The chemical industries also benefit from this process of recycling.

So rest assured dear customers! Your car is a part of a huge environmental and economic cycle that makes the lives of companies easier.

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