There are certain advantages when selling a car to a car removal company. To start, at Speed Car Removal, you can sell a car of any make and condition with ease. That means that old Toyota of yours that barely makes it down the road can be sold for cash with no expense. Perhaps, you have a used car that is in good running condition, but you don’t have the time to sell the car. We will buy it. We buy Scrap Cars of every make and condition, paying cash for cars to their owners.

So, why should you choose a car removal company to sell your unwanted car to? When you sell your car to a removal company the selling experience is quick and easy. When you sell the car to a legitimate car removal company, you should receive a fair cash price for the car.

When you sell your car to a renowned car removal company in Perth, such as Speed Car Removal there are services provided, such as:

  • Instant cash quotes – You won’t waste time finding a buyer and deciding whether you’d like to sell your car to them. With one call, or by completing our online form located on our homepage, we will provide you with a cash offer for your car. Just let us know the particulars of the car, and we’ll make you a good offer.
  • Cash paid at the time of the sale – When we buy cars, we pay for the car at the time that we come to the owner’s place to remove the car. With us, you will receive an instant cash payment. A word of advice, never deal with a removal company that tells you that they will be sending the payment later as it is a sign of a scam.
  • Free car removals Perth – When we buy cars we provide our local customers with free car removals in Perth.

Get A Quote    

To obtain a cash quote for your car, please contact us. We provide quotes over the phone and online. Call the number below or fill out our online form. At Speed Car Removal, we make it a point not to waste your time. We’ll offer a quote over the phone and come to you to buy and remove the car. Give Speed Car Removal a call at 0431 328 128.

By Tom Clark

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