Fast cars have always been a man’s best toys, its often believed that the faster the car the smarter the owner. But what makes a motor residing under a metal hood, move that carriage at lightning speed. Well the truth is that no single component would claim ownership of the speed for a machine, while things like a fluidic design of the motor vehicle and a large capacity by the motor to burn fuel inside its camber helps the case of increasing speed, there are other vital components and engineering that helps propel one faster than the other. One such component is the diesel turbo charged engine, its use and maintenance will be discussed in this article.

The word turbo associated with motor vehicle is extensively used in the modern language; even children come across this word while actively engaging in car racing video games. The idea behind the terminology is to help a user understand, that there is more raw power at their disposal which can be exploited when required the most. Think of it this way, in a car purist by the police, how would a regular engine ever compete with a run-away car engine? Well that is definitely one way where a diesel turbo engine can be convenient. It is estimated that a diesel turbo engine would labor or surge engine power by at least 35% more when equated to a plain jane motor vehicle.

How Does A Diesel Turbo Charged Engine Work?

The theory of cause and effect has direct impact with how a diesel turbo engine performs. In order for a turbo charge to increase the power, a larger and efficient amount of fuel needs to be combusted, this calls for a larger amount of air intake too. With the release of air in the exhaust manifold, the impeller of the turbo charger actually gets rotated in the exhaust manifold side and since both impeller of the turbo is directly coupled together, the other end impeller ultimately rotates itself, thus leading to intake of a large amount of air in the combustion process.

It is to be remembered that the speed of the impellers rotation is approximately at 3000rpm, this generates tremendous amounts of heat and will require a robust cooling process to prevent from overheating. Engine oil is often used to cool the heat down. Maintain the condition of the turbo charge is very vital to the health of the vehicle, this can be ensuring by checking if the engine oil is clean at all times. Regular inspection on this front can lengthen the life of the motor and the diesel turbo too.

The Diesel engine needs more care and maintenance in comparison to petrol engines. They create more pollution, thus choose your diesel engine wisely, the diesel engine should be integrated with original Diesel parts so that it will not cause any issue in your vehicle.

Maintenance Tips

Some tips mentioned below are very simple to follow and can save you hundreds of dollars if paid attention too.

  • Always be on the lookout for any abnormal sound of the engine or during a normal run.
  • Ensure that an engine that is starting reluctantly is investigated into strictly.
  • If the engine smokes or chokes with the engine is fully accelerated or throttled
  • Ensure that the fuel quality is at premium quality at each time.
  • Perform repairs of any complain with respect to the diesel turbo engine setup only with authorized and certified workshop engineers.

It may be advantageous to have completed a short survey to identify a reputed workshop in advance; this will save you a lot of heartache if there is a case of emergency. The alternate option to finding a mechanic, is to use the survives of the original equipment manufacturer. While the service rendered will be of a higher quality, the price of service provided will be in the premium segment too.

By Tom Clark

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