If you drive a truck, you know the value of truck bed covers. They provide your ride with extra security, improved aerodynamics and easier organization. There are many styles of tonneau covers, but one of the most popular is the folding cover. Of course, it can be difficult to know where to start when you want to buy one. The following are three of the best options.

1) BAK BAKFlip Mx4

The BAK BAKFlip MX4 is the go-to tonneau cover for many truck drivers. It features a tri-fold design that allows 100% bed access. Additionally, it has a very strong construction that creates a leak-proof seal. It is tailored to your truck bed. So, you can be certain that it will fit perfectly no matter what size your truck bed is.

When flipped up, this cover can buckle in place. This makes using a fifth-wheel trailer or carrying large cargo much easier. Plus, the third brake light is visible.

For installation, this cover can be installed in about 30 minutes using basic tools. There is no need to make any drill holes, a huge plus for many truck owners. It is compatible with most bed extenders, under-the-rail accessories, bed rails and more.

2) TonnoPro TonnoFold Tri-Fold

For truck owners looking for a high-quality but budget-friendly option, the TonnoPro TonnoFold tri fold tonneau cover is a great choice. It offers an aerodynamic, low-profile design that offers easy bed access and simple installation.

You can install the cover in about five minutes. So, you can potentially remove the cover if you need to carry a larger load or a trailer.

It features a powder-coated aluminum frame and a highly durable vinyl. This helps to offer some of the best possible protection for a soft folding cover.

This tonneau cover does not have all the features of the other top choices. However, it comes in at a much lower price. Plus, its fast installation process easily outstrips the hard covers.

3) Extang Solid Fold 2.0

The Extang Solid Fold 2.0 is another great choice for anyone who wants more security and an easy-to-use cover. It takes about 10 minutes to install, making it a little slower than the TonnoPro but faster than the BAK. However, like the TonnoPro, it does not provide 100% bed access. You will need to remove it for that.

This cover is made with a high-grade polymer material. This provides the strength and protection of a hard cover without as much weight as aluminum.

When closed, this cover forms a tight seal against the bed of the truck, keeping water out. It also can lock in place easily. Overall, this is another great truck bed cover than offers a lot of utility.

Find Your Ideal Tonneau Cover Today

Using a tonneau cover can help to make your truck bed even more practical. Whether you opt for the 100%-opening BAK or the easy-to-install TonnoPro or Extang, you will be happy with your purchase. Consider also grabbing some other truck accessories such as nerf bars. You can get your pickup truck set up exactly the way that works for your needs.

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