Brisbane is strategically located in the southeast corner of Sunshine State. The city lies at the heart of Queensland’s metropolitan region, bordering the Moreton Bay, Taylor Ranges, and the D’Aguilar mountain ranges.

According to statistics, about 54% of Brisbanites own two or more vehicles. This figure is slightly higher than the rest of the greater capital cities around the country. If you own a vehicle, one of the problems you would encounter is getting locked out of your car.

If you find an automotive locksmith in Brisbane, the expert can help unlock your vehicle by creating a new key or removing keys stuck in the keyhole of your vehicle. Here are some common instances when you need the services of an automotive locksmith.

  1. When You Are Locked Out of Your Vehicle

One of the most common reasons to get the help of an automotive locksmith is losing your key or locking them inside your vehicle. It is a great inconvenience if you cannot enter your car, particularly if you are stuck out in the heat of the sun.

The only solution that can solve this type of problem is to get the help of an auto locksmith who can quickly unlock the vehicle so you can get back on the road. A professional can use various tools, including the J and L tools for older cars, a slim jim, or a door handle clip remover to take out the retainer clip locking the vehicle’s door handle.

 Whatever your situation – whether you lost your car keys or left them inside the vehicle, a professional auto locksmith can provide the right services to get you on the road fast.

  • Having a Remote Fob Programmed

The remote key fob of a vehicle is a small hand-held security hardware device used to control access to your vehicle. It has a built-in authentication access code that corresponds to the programmed receiver.

Although remote key fobs provide the convenience needed to lock and unlock your vehicle, there are instances when the battery wears down. When such an instance happens, you need to have the batteries replaced and have the unit reprogrammed.

Additionally, if you break the key fob, lose it, or have it stolen, you need to have a replacement made and have the unit programmed so it works on your car. An automotive locksmith in Brisbane has all the tools to create a copy of your vehicle’s original key fob.

  • An Automotive Locksmith Can Cut a New Key

Car manufacturing has greatly advanced to accommodate computers with ignition keys powered by transponders. A transponder increases vehicle security with the use of a microchip that transmits low-level signals from the key.

The transmitted signal has a unique serial number which is correctly identified by the receiver. The keyless entry system of today’s vehicle is similar to a key fob that opens your home’s gates and garage door.

One issue you might get with a keyless entry system is losing or damaging the key. When such an instance happens, it becomes a real problem as you cannot have a new one custom cut.

Ignition keys with transponders need proper programming, so it communicates with the vehicle’s computer. Only an automotive locksmith will be able to fix an ignition key, so it communicates with your car’s computer.

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