Did you know that on a hot day, the temperature inside your car can reach more than 170 degrees?

Thankfully most modern cars come with air conditioning as standard. With a flip of a switch, your car can be a cool haven from the heat.

As long as your AC is working properly, that is. When things go wrong, your AC can stop being so effective, or even stop working completely.

Read on as we look at some common car AC problems and how to fix them.

1. Leaking Refrigerant

AC needs refrigerant to work. If your system springs a leak, then refrigerant is going to escape. The less refrigerant in your system, the less effective your AC is going to be.

With a leak, you can’t just top up the refrigerant again. You’re going to need to track down the source of the leak. If you can find it, use some sealant to fix the leak, then top up the refrigerant.

If you can’t find it you’ll need professional help.

2. Broken Condenser

The condenser is designed to cool down the hot refrigerant. If it’s broken, your AC isn’t going to blow cold anymore.

If the condenser is broken, you’re going to need to replace it.

3. Low Refrigerant

If you’ve had a leak and sealed it, you’ll need to top up the refrigerant. If this isn’t at the right level, then your AC isn’t going to be blowing cold enough.

The good news is that it’s simple enough to fix. Products from companies such as Mr Freeze make topping up your refrigerant a piece of cake.

4. Defective Fan

The cooling fan helps to remove heat; if it’s not working you may find warm air blowing in your car.

If the fan is defective, this isn’t really something you can fix yourself. You’ll need to get a professional to take a look and will likely need to install a new fan.

5. Broken Compressor

The compressor’s purpose is to circulate the refrigerant under pressure throughout the AC system.

If the compressor is broken, then you’ll probably have far less cooling than usual. You may also be able to hear strange noises when the compressor is running. These can often be quite high-pitched noises.

The compressor can sometimes fail after long periods without use. To prevent failure, it’s best to run your AC every couple of weeks even during the winter to make sure everything stays running smoothly.

If the compressor is broken, you’ll need professional help to fix it.

Are You Suffering From Car AC Problems?

If you’re having car AC problems then we hope that this article has been of some help.

If you’re not able to fix your AC yourself, then you’ll need to seek professional help, but there are some fixes that you’re able to do at home and they can save you from a hefty bill.

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