New York has a variety of medical transport companies that specialise in moving patients between points A and B. There are many companies in New York that specialise in medical transportation. They also offer different services and insurance companies may not cover them.

It can be difficult to find a skilled, high-quality medical transport company. We have compiled a list of the top 5 medical transportation companies in New York.

New York’s medical transportation companies provide an important service to individuals who require transport from one place to another in order to receive treatment or return home.

Many people use New York’s medical transport companies for interfacility transportation. Here are some examples of patients who may contact a transportation company to obtain medical care in a hospital or long-term care facility.

Let’s now see who uses the services and top 5 medical transport companies in NY.

Rapid Response Medical Transportation

Rapid Response Medical Transportation is a highly-rated company in New York City for medical transportation.

This company is 12+ years old and was started by long-term volunteers who were passionate about making a difference. They wanted to offer compassionate service where each patient is treated as a family member. Many patients who have traveled with them say that they are friendly and helpful.

Rapid Response has been a trusted provider of high-quality healthcare and a positive atmosphere for patients’ families.

Each member of the Rapid Response Team must undergo an extensive interview to ensure everyone, from first responders to billing and customer service staff, is ready to help patients in any way they can. You can also check for Benny Express Transportation, they are into ambulance services in New york.

Midwood Ambulance Service

Midwood Ambulance Service, a family-owned business, has over 60 years experience in providing compassionate, high-quality care for patients in New York City.

Each member of staff undergoes thorough screening before being accepted into the Midwood team. All members, including paramedics and emergency medical technicians, dispatchers and drivers, must also complete ongoing training programs to enhance their customer service skills and knowledge.

From its Brooklyn office, this company provides services to all of New York City. The vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking software, which allows dispatchers to locate and contact responders and vehicle units closest to patients. This ensures that emergency help arrives quickly and scheduled pick-ups are on time.

Empress Ambulance Service

Empress Ambulance Services, based in Yonkers in New York, is a company that provides emergency medical services and transport throughout New York State.

They offer Yonkers 9-1-1 emergency medical assistance services, as well as mutual aid for neighboring communities. They also have agreements throughout Westchester County to provide emergency and non-emergency service to hospitals, correctional institutions, and private care facilities in the area.

The company has 550 employees across their various locations. They are able transport more than 125,000 patients annually. The company provides 24-hour communication from a central location, using the most advanced computer-aided system in the region.


SeniorCare EMS has been a community-based medical transport company in New York City for over 14 years. This company is a full-service provider for the New York City region. It has over 1000 employees, 14 years of experience and a fleet that includes 192+ ambulances.

SeniorCare EMS, the only New York City medical transport company, is managed and run by a senior paramedic who has more than 25 years experience. This means you can rest assured you will get a professional, safe ride every time.


Hunter EMS, a family-owned EMS service, is part of Hunter Ambulance’s family of services. It provides emergency medical care for patients anywhere in the Hunter Ambulance network.

They have over 75 employees in all locations. They’ve been in business nearly 35 years and offer a wide variety of medical transport services, including:

* High-risk critical care transport for advanced high-risk patients

* Transport emergency

* Transportation for non-emergency situations

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