With the 2019 model year release of the Arteon, Volkswagen has made a style statement without compromising its original purpose of addressing the practical needs of its users. So, the 2019 VW Arteon can stand alone in the row of mid-size sedans straddling between the line of mainstream vehicle specifications and loading extra luxury components. Within its stylish exterior structure, the 2019 lineup of Volkswagen Arteon wraps up all its impressive utility features in a row.

Enhancements for 2019

At a renowned Volkswagen car dealership, we came to know that, with the newly released 2019 edition of Arteon, VW has actually upgraded its flagship sedan model with even more power, and the advantages of high-tech features listing a new digital cluster of instrument in the infotainment section and a massaging seat for the driver, on the higher trims.

Did we say that the 2019 lineup of the Volkswagen Arteon climbs from the base model SE to SEL, and stops at the topmost SEL Premium trim level?

Bold Styling

The enhancements done for the 2019 model year also includes the replacement of the slow-selling CC models with the high demand Arteon models.

The 2019 model year also brought the Arteon a handful of styling enhancements, that witnesses a gaping grille, in tune with a roof line that simply make the Arteon look dashing. The pert tail catching the look of a hatchback gives the model a sudden twist by replacing the conventional trunk system.

Inside Comfort

Get inside the cabin of the 2019 Volkswagen Arteon where you find a spacious room inviting you in its neat and clean seating couch, that will soak you in luxury, at the very first moment. The interior layout however retains its functional look in spite of providing all the luxury components in plenty. The leather upholstery and the wooden trim will take the level still further, if you go for the SEL trim models.

Being a hatchback DNA in its bones, the 2019 Volkswagen Arteon will surprise you with its unexpectedly good cargo room. The space gets enlarged further to a sprawling 55 cubic feet if you fold down its rear seats. 

Road Manners and Performance

At the Bakersfield car dealer showroom, we were shown the 2019 model year lineup of the Volkswagen Arteon, which we found to be powered by a 2.0-liter turbo-4 engine in combination of an 8-speed automatic transmission that together make a 268 of horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque. This standard powertrain can be either driven with the front or all four wheels. All the Arteon trim models are good accelerators. The road manners in each of them are brisk, while the rides stay soft even while driving through the untamed road surfaces. Thanks to the multiple modes of its adaptive suspension.

Handling in every Arteon is adept that speaks of its personality. The road imperfections are further  filtered out with the help of its thick-rimmed steering wheel that responds almost intuitively to every driver input.

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